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other for sale in Krefeld / Uerdingen, Germany

349 000€

47829 Krefeld / Uerdingen


  • Bad 1
  • Terrassen 1
  • Garage/Stellplätze 1
  • Keller

Property description

As a potential buyer, this property offers a great opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The property is located in a desirable area with nice surroundings and is close to city parks, providing a quiet and serene living environment. The leaser-friendly structure has a successful layout with living areas of approximately 136m², which can easily be adapted over time if needed. In the immediate vicinity, there are all amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. From an investment perspective, the property features a 360m² lot, which can potentially be redeveloped and could generate good returns in the long term. The slightly outdated construction state will require some maintenance and modernization, but once completed could significantly increase the value of the property. The property also boasts excellent public transportation links, making it easily accessible to other parts of the city and beyond. Furthermore, the presence of a pre-installed thermal heating system (Fernwärmleitung) reduces the cost for heating the property, which is a significant advantage. However, it's worth noting that further investment will be required to bring the property up to your desired standards. Estimating the potential return on investment will depend on the extent of renovation and modernization works, but for the right buyer and client, the opportunity could be significant. Overall, this property presents an exciting opportunity for those who want not only a quiet and beautiful place to live but also the potential for a worthwhile investment. The main advantage, however, is the charming location and the possibility of owning an individual garage.


47829 Krefeld / Uerdingen

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