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other for sale in Krefeld / Uerdingen, Germany

349 000€

47829 Krefeld / Uerdingen


  • Bad 1
  • Terrassen 1
  • Garage/Stellplätze 1
  • Keller

Property description

As a buyer, this property located in Krefeld Uerdingen, Germany, offers a great opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The 360m² lot size and the well-maintained condition of the house provide a solid foundation for a family home. The house features a spacious living area with two connected rooms, three bedrooms, and two additional rooms in the attic, which can be used as bedrooms, hobby rooms, or home office spaces. Price-wise, at 349.000€, it is a reasonable investment opportunity, especially considering the area's excellent location near the park, the availability of public transportation, and the close proximity to the city center, offering an excellent quality of life. However, the property does require some modernization, such as a modern kitchen, bathrooms, and some repairs to the basement, which could be a good investment opportunity if you have the knowledge or hire a professional to fix them. Additionally, a bigger focus on energy efficiency and soundproofing could make the property more appealing. As for lifestyle, the house offers a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, which is ideal for families or people looking for a calm environment to enjoy their leisure time. The proximity to the park invites you to spend time outdoors, go for walks or jogs, and have barbecues with friends and family. In conclusion, this property offers good value for the price and can be a great investment for someone looking to renovate and create their dream home. The idyllic location and community atmosphere make it an attractive proposition for families looking for a peacefully serene environment and a high quality of life.


47829 Krefeld / Uerdingen

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