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house for sale in Wermelskirchen, Germany

535 000€

42929 Wermelskirchen


    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property description paints a picture of a well-maintained, spacious 2-family house with a garden, outbuilding, and garage. The house was rebuilt in 2014/2015, incorporating several additions and improvements, including a holz-gartenhaus, a guest apartment, and a modern heating system. With a living area of 195 m², the property offers ample space for a family or potential renters, as the guest apartment could bring in additional income. For a real estate investment, the property could be a good choice due to its potential rental income and the general upscale condition of the property. However, the property is not yet completely ready for occupancy, as it lacks the necessary building permit for a 30 m² apartment in the basement, and the house and garage need to be officially accepted. This could potentially add to the costs and time needed to complete the property and make it ready for living. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers plenty of space and amenities for a comfortable living environment. The well-maintained condition of the property and the additional features such as the holiday house and the garden create a charming atmosphere. However, the ongoing renovation work and the lack of official acceptance could be seen as a disadvantage for a lifestyle purchase, as it might disrupt the enjoyment of the property. Overall, the property seems to have good potential for both a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase if the buyers are willing to invest the time and money needed to complete the property and obtain the necessary permits.


    42929 Wermelskirchen

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