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house for sale in Rosrath, Germany

306 000€

51503 Rösrath


    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property located at 51503 Rösrath, appears to be a semi-detached house with a total living area of 75 m², including the basement, attic, and a garage. The property was likely built in 1943 and underwent renovations and additions in 1990. It has a gas-powered central heating system that provides warmth to the entire property. The ground floor is currently rented out, but only a few rooms were shown during the viewing, which has left the condition of the rest of the floor uncertain. From the few rooms seen, there appears to be a significant need for maintenance and repairs. The property shares access to the land through a common driveway, which may pose legal issues for unguaranteed rights to the land. The house has had modifications made without the necessary building permits, particularly the conversion of the garage into an apartment. This might lead to legal complications in the future. As an investment property, it is challenging to ascertain the actual value due to the unclear condition of the upper floors and the legal ambiguities with the land access. However, considering the state of the property and the necessary repairs, the property value may need to be significantly reduced to make it a viable investment. For a lifestyle purchase, the property may not be ideal due to its poor condition and legal uncertainties. It may be difficult to rent the whole property due to the issues with the upper floors. Additionally, the lack of clear legal access to the land may also deter potential buyers.


    51503 Rösrath

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