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house for sale in Ludenscheid, Germany

136 000€

58507 Lüdenscheid


    Property description

    As a potential buyer, this property presents an excellent opportunity for a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase. With an asking price of 136,000€, you can benefit from a 30% discount (which amounts to 40,800€) and enjoy the savings on notary costs and broker fees. This means you can own this property for as low as 136,000.00 - 135,12,000.00 = 122,12,000.00€. For an investment perspective, I would recommend conducting a thorough inspection of the property to determine the actual repair costs estimated at 140,000€. Then, compare this with the purchase price after the discount and potential savings to estimate the total cost of ownership. Assuming you find the property condition is worth the investment, you can expect a healthy return over time. From a lifestyle perspective, this property has excellent potential. As it's in a neglected state, it can be adjusted to suit your personal taste and needs, making it truly your own. Moreover, the house offers multiple rooms upstairs and downstairs, providing enough space for a growing family if you decide to live in it or rent it out to tenants. It also has a detached garage, which can be a good selling point for potential renters or additional storage for the homeowners. Another positive aspect is the vicinity of the property, which is in the heart of 58507 Lüdenscheid, a town with a rich cultural history, shopping facilities, and leisure activities. This provides the opportunity for a unique lifestyle experience. All in all, through combining a realistic assessment of the property's potential and your personal requirements, this property could be an attractive investment and lifestyle purchase.


    58507 Lüdenscheid

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