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house for sale in Kerpen, Germany

1 000 000€

50171 Kerpen


    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property offers several attractive features for both real estate investment and lifestyle purposes. Located in a desirable area with a free-standing location and partial basement, the 390 m² of living space provides ample room for a comfortable living experience. The property's historical significance, dating back to the 1850s and being fully renovated in 2006/07, adds a level of charm and character that may appeal to buyers. The terrace and garden, as well as the modern improvements, provide a beautiful outdoor space for relaxation and entertaining guests. Additionally, the well-thought-out room layout and modern amenities such as a gas-fired central heating system and a modern kitchen make this property an attractive investment. As for the lifestyle aspects, the property's design and features create a unique living experience that reflects its history and character. The opportunity to live in a renovated, modernized historic property provides a distinctive home environment that may be appealing to those who value both history and comfort. The property's estimated value of 1.000.000 € presents a potential investment opportunity, with the buyer having the option to secure a 30% discount on the appraised value, bringing the total payment to 700.000 €. This discount, combined with the potential savings on legal fees and commission, makes the property even more attractive. Overall, this property presents a unique combination of history, charm, character, modern amenities, and potential investment value, making it an appealing option for both lifestyle and investment pursuits.


    50171 Kerpen

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