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3 bedrooms house for sale in Lot-et-Garonne (47), France

190 000€


  • Electric Heating
  • Garden(s)
  • Under-Floor Heating

Property description

Property Description SummaryLocated in Le Passage (47520), this 120 m² house on 850 m² of land offers a pleasant living environment within the urban environmentLocationClose to schools, high schools, colleges and nurseries, it benefits from easy access to public transport such as the bus and train so is ideal for families.InteriorInside, this house consists of 5 rooms including 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms equipped respectively with an Italian shower and washbasins. The kitchen, tastefully furnished, offers a space that is both functional and friendly. The tiled, parquet and wooden floor coverings bring a warm touch to the whole.Additional DetailsA harmonius layout with modern fittings.The State of Risks and Pollution can be consulted on

Property summary

Based on the provided property description, this house in Le Passage (47520) would be an attractive investment and lifestyle purchase for several reasons: 1. Location: The property's location in Le Passage offers a comfortable urban setting, ensuring easy access to schools, high schools, colleges, and nurseries. Furthermore, its proximity to public transport such as the bus and train makes it ideal for families. 2. Size and Layout: With a living area of 120 m² and 5 rooms, the house provides enough space for a growing family or those seeking additional living quarters. The modern layout, equipped with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, and 2 bathrooms, ensures comfort and convenience. 3. Interiors: The tiled, parquet, and wooden floor coverings create a warm atmosphere throughout the house. The kitchen, tastefully furnished, offers both functionality and comfort, making it a pleasant space for family gatherings. 4. Modern Fittings: The house's modern fittings contribute to its appeal, ensuring its attractiveness to potential buyers or renters. 5. Potential Rental Income: Given the proximity to schools and public transportation, the property could potentially generate a steady income stream through short-term or long-term rentals, ensuring a good return on investment. However, it's essential to consider some factors before making a decision: 1. Property Condition: A thorough inspection of the property by a qualified professional is necessary to ensure that all systems (electricity, plumbing, etc.) are in working order, and there are no hidden issues that may require future repairs. 2. Neighborhood: Studying the local area's crime rate, aesthetics, and general vibe is critical to get a sense of the neighborhood. It is also essential to investigate local tracks, neighborhood noise levels, and animal life that may affect the overall lifestyle. 3. Needs: Evaluate whether your family's needs will be met by the number of rooms and the layout of the property. If you are looking to grow your family or accommodate relatives, ensure the space and layout can accommodate those needs. 4. Demand: Consider the demand for houses in this price range in the area. If the demand is high, you can expect to see good return on investment, but if the demand is low, the property may take a longer time to sell or find a tenant. 5. Budget: Finally, ensure that the €190,000 price fits within your investment budget and can provide a satisfactory return on investment based on your financial goals.


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