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other in Arens de Lledo, Teruel, Spain

21 000€

Arens de Lledó, Teruel


    Property description

    -Finca rústica de regadío en Arens de Lledo de 1,6 HA.-Situada junto al río Algars, a tan solo 2,5 km de la población.-Con 3.000 m2 de terreno de cultivo con suministro de agua de la acequia y 1,3 HA de bosque de pinos y encinas.-Buen acceso por camino rural y zona tranquila rodeada de naturaleza.

    Property summary

    Based on the given description, the property is a 1,6-hectare rural farmland located in Arens de Lledó, Teruel. It is situated near the Algars river and is surrounded by 3,000 m2 of cultivated land, with water supplies from an irrigation channel, and 1,3 HA of forest. The property offers a peaceful environment with easy access and is surrounded by nature. For real estate investment, this property may not provide high returns due to its location and limited amenities. However, as a lifestyle purchase, it offers a serene setting, a connection with nature, and the opportunity for agricultural activities, making it an attractive option for those seeking a rural retreat.


    Arens de Lledó, Teruel

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