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house in Arens de Lledo, Teruel, Spain

30 000€

Arens de Lledó, Teruel


  • Areas
  • Built: 22,900 m²

Property description

- Finca de 2,29 hectáreas en Arens de Lledó con cultivo de olivos, masía para rehabilitar y vistas al Barranco dels Abeuradors.- Acceso por 3 kilómetros de camino rural en buen estado.- Cerca de la masía se encuentra una antigua fuente natural de agua.- Zona tranquila y con buena orientación.

Property summary

Description: A 2,29 hectare wasteland in Arens de Lledó with an olive grove, a house to be restored, and breathtaking views of Barranco dels Abeuradors. Access: Off a 3 km rural road in good condition. Near the property, there is an ancient natural water source. Quiet location with excellent orientation. From a buyer's perspective, this property offers a unique investment opportunity. The tranquil surroundings and natural beauty are appealing for lifestyle purchase. Some potential benefits for real estate investment are: 1. The property's strategic location in a quiet, scenic area away from urban distractions. 2. The potential for a rental income, depending on the demand and attractions in the area, by creating a vacation rental or perhaps an Airbnb listing. 3. The unique selling point of the olive grove and the restored farmhouse with its natural water source can give the property an edge in the market. 4. The beautiful surroundings are a huge draw for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and travelers exploring the region, which can help am mortgage a mortgage on the property. However, it is essential to weigh the potential benefits against the following challenges: 1. The rural location, while being an advantage for serenity and natural beauty, may also mean a longer commute to nearby towns or cities for amenities, entertainment, and employment opportunities. 2. The condition of the property, the cost and time taken for rehabilitation, and the potential unforeseen costs associated with renovating an old house need to be considered. 3. The availability of infrastructure and amenities such as internet, electricity, and water supply might vary in the rural area, which can affect the daily comfort and people opting to live in the property full-time. 4. An accurate valuation of the property would be essential to ensure a wise investment decision, taking into account all the above factors. Please consult a trusted real estate professional for a thorough analysis. Overall, the property has great potential for a real estate investment and offers a unique lifestyle opportunity to those who appreciate the tranquility, natural beauty, and the charm of rural living.


Arens de Lledó, Teruel

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