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house for sale in Extertal, Germany

71 000€

32699 Extertal


  • Keller

Property description

Objektbeschreibung Zweifamilienhaus, Baujahr: ca. 1951, 2 Etage(n), Wohnfläche: 190m², Keller/vollunterkellert, es sind noch Beiträge für Kanalanschluss zu zahlen, keine Innenbesichtigung

Property summary

Based on the provided property description, I'll try to assess this property from a buyer's perspective, taking into account both real estate investment and lifestyle factors. Please keep in mind that my analysis is limited to the information provided. Property Overview: * Type: Semi-detached house * Age: Approximately 1951 * Size: 190m² living space * Number of floors: 2 * Basement: Full basement with cellar * Sewer connection fees: Still to be paid * No internal viewing available Real Estate Investment Perspective: 1. Price: The asking price of 71,000€ seems reasonable for a semi-detached house in Extertal, but the price-per-square-meter ratio can vary depending on the local real estate market and its current trends. 2. Location: Extertal may have different investment potential based on its proximity to local amenities, public transportation, and job opportunities. It's important to research the area's future development and growth trends to evaluate the property's investment potential. 3. Property condition: Given that the house was built in 1951, potential buyers should consider the potential for updates and renovation. A property inspection would be crucial to assess the condition and identify any necessary repairs or upgrades. 4. Rental potential: Two-story semi-detached houses can be attractive for tenants, especially families. However, the demand for such properties in Extertal and its potential rental income will depend on the local real estate market and competition. It's important to research comparable properties and their rental history in the area to gauge the rental potential. Lifestyle Purchase Perspective: 1. House size and layout: A 190m² semi-detached house provides ample living space for a growing family or multiple generations. The potential to customize the layout and modifications can add to the appeal of living in this property. 2. Accessibility: The property description mentions a full basement with cellar, which could be convenient for laundry, storage, or even additional living space. Additionally, the proximity to local amenities, public transportation, and job opportunities can influence the overall lifestyle benefits of living in this property. 3. Area: Extertal may have unique community attractions, events, or local traditions that can significantly impact the lifestyle of potential buyers. In conclusion, the property at 32699 Extertal can be an attractive investment or lifestyle purchase depending on its condition, the local real estate market, and personal preferences. Before making a decision, potential buyers should conduct thorough research and consider seeking professional advice from a real estate agent or property inspector.


32699 Extertal

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