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3 bedrooms house for sale in Carnforth, United Kingdom

225 000£

Windermere Road‚ Carnforth‚ LA5


  • Immaculate condition throughout
  • Long term sitting tenant
  • Landlords only
  • Situated close to local schools and transport links
  • Stunning countryside views
  • Spacious rear garden

Property description

LANDLORDS ONLY! Occupying a generously sized plot with pleasant rural aspects whilst boasting spacious living accommodation throughout, is this sizeable three

Property summary

This property description presents a fantastic opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. Windermere Road, Carnforth, is located in an area with picturesque rural aspects, and the described property seems to offer space and comfort. From a real estate investment perspective, the estimated £225,000 price tag is quite attractive, especially considering the size and potential of the property. It implies the buyer can securely invest in property with a moderate budget, and the generously-sized plot might allow for value-adding renovations or extensions in the future. The evaluation of this property's investment potential can be further be determined once I conduct market research on comparable properties, local rental market, and area's growth prospects. As for a lifestyle purchase, owning this property would be ideal for someone seeking a quiet, rural setting without sacrificing easy access to amenities. It would be great for families who wish to enjoy the outdoors, and the serene atmosphere may also appeal to those who seek a suburban life. However, it's important to take into account some potential drawbacks. For instance, Windermere Road might be away from the bustling city center, suitable for certain individuals but could be a downside for those who need quick access to the town. Additionally, whether the propertyW has any positive or negative impacts on the local noise, traffic and neighbours should be assessed. In conclusion, this property presents a promising investment opportunity and an attractive lifestyle choice. However, before making a decision, consider performing comprehensive research and consult with a local real estate expert for a more accurate valuation and to get insights regarding the area. Please advise if you need further help or diligence on this property.


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