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3 bedrooms house for sale in Cardiff, United Kingdom

375 000£

Hanover Street‚ Cardiff‚ CF5


  • Well presented three bedroom home
  • 20ft long breakfast kitchen
  • In the heart of canton
  • Spacious, open plan lounge diner
  • Pretty, courtyard garden
  • Three double bedrooms

Property description

Based on the provided description, the property at Hanover Street, Cardiff seems like a well-maintained, historic Victorian building with ground floor accommodation. Here's a brief analysis from a buyer's perspective: Real Estate Investment: 1. Location: Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has a growing economy, making it an attractive place for investment. The property's proximity to local amenities, schools, and transport links can be a positive factor for tenants and potential buyers. 2. Property type: The combination of a ground floor flat and a first-floor apartment in one property could appeal to buyers looking for spacious living quarters with the potential for income generation from a rental unit. 3. Condition: The Minton Tiled floor in the entrance hall and the overall description of the property suggest it's in good condition, which can be attractive to buyers and tenants. 4. Price: At £370,000, the property appears to be priced reasonably for the area, especially considering its size and potential for multiple uses (live-in landlord, dual-income household, or rental income). 5. Growth potential: Investing in property with potential growth in a growing city like Cardiff could provide good returns over time. The property's condition, location, and unique features could attract buyers or renters, contributing to its long-term value. Lifestyle Purchase: 1. Historical charm: The Victorian Minton Tiled floor and the overall character of the property may appeal to buyers who seek a sense of history and style in their living space. 2. Space: With two accommodations, the property offers more space than a typical flat or house, making it ideal for larger families or those who want extra living or working space. 3. Autonomy: Having both a ground-floor and first-floor apartment provides a level of separation between living and working spaces, or between different members of a household. This could work well for those who need extra privacy or an on-site office. 4. Renovation potential: Depending on the buyer's preferences, they may wish to renovate or personalize the property, offering an opportunity to create a truly unique living space. In summary, the property at Hanover Street, Cardiff appears to offer good value for both a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase. Its unique layout, historical charm, and ideal location could attract a wide range of buyers and renters, making it a potentially lucrative investment.


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