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3 bedrooms house for sale in Brighouse, United Kingdom

240 000£

Thornhill Bridge Lane‚ Brighouse‚ HD6


  • Ousted good schools
  • Commuter access
  • Fantastic family kitchen
  • Cellers
  • Family home
  • Potential outside

Property description

1) Location: Thornhill Bridge Lane is in Brighouse, a town in West Yorkshire, England. Brighouse is a bustling market town with a rich history and picturesque scenery, making it an attractive location for residents and visitors alike. The property's proximity to local amenities, schools, and transportation routes, as well as its distance from the city centre, contribute to its appeal. 2) Property description: The property appears to be well-maintained with a unique and attractive feature (coloured glass panel) in the lobby. It features a staircase to the first floor, suggesting multiple levels or accommodation options. Few additional details are provided, but the listing is clearly designed to entice potential buyers. 3) Price: The asking price is £240,000, which may be an attractive option for buyers in the area given the average property price in Brighouse is around £218,300 as of March 2021. The value of the property appears to be competitive for the local market, and its attractive features and location may justify the slightly higher price. 4) Potential for real estate investment: The property presents a potential opportunity for real estate investment, as it appears to be in a desirable location. Buyers may be drawn to the area due to its amenities and potential for growth, making this a good option for those seeking investment properties. The area's average property prices, relatively low compared to other places in the UK, indicate the potential for capital appreciation and steady rental income over time. Additionally, the property's unique features could attract buyers seeking homes with character or charm. 5) Lifestyle purchase: The property's location and appearance suggest an attractive lifestyle option for potential buyers. The proximity to local amenities, parks, and recreational areas means residents can enjoy a sensible work-life balance and benefit from local services. For families with children, the availability of nearby schools is another positive aspect. The property's unique features, such as the coloured glass panel in the lobby, can contribute to the overall appeal of the property and create a sense of home for potential buyers who value character and charm. 6) Market demand: Brighouse has a relatively stable population, with no significant changes in the last decade. This implies that demand for properties in the area may be consistent. The availability of amenities and good commuting links to other cities such as Leeds or Manchester may further attract buyers seeking a balanced lifestyle and investment potential. With more people working remotely, the area may also appeal to those looking for a more affordable option for living near a major city.


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