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2 bedrooms apartment for sale in Sheffield, United Kingdom

110 000£

Scafell Place‚ Sheffield‚ S25


  • Perfect for a landlord or professional person
  • Book a viewing now - do not miss out
  • Being sold by online auction
  • Buy it now option available
  • Buyers fees apply
  • Close to local shops
  • Convenient for the motorway network
  • No chain
  • Newly fitted carpets
  • First floor flat

Property description

Property Description: The property, located at Scafell Place in Sheffield, is priced at £110,000. This online auction listing suggests that the property is being auctioned by YOPA, and the starting bid has been set at £110,000. With a "buy it now" option available, this property is positioned as a potentially attractive investment opportunity and lifestyle purchase for interested buyers. Upon reaching the property, you will find yourself in a location close to nearby amenities such as shops, restaurants, and parks. The neighborhood is considered safe and organized, with good public transport links, making it an attractive location for families and professionals alike. As for the property itself, the listing is limited in providing specific details, as the description states that details, photographs, and quotes can be viewed on the agent's website. To get a better understanding of the property's layout, amenities, and overall condition, it would be advisable to visit the agent's website or contact the agent directly for more information. Investment Perspective: Looking at the property from an investment perspective, there are a few factors to consider. Sheffield is a growing city with a strong economy, attracting a variety of businesses and professionals. This could potentially lead to an increase in demand for rental properties in the area, possibly making the property an attractive rental investment. To determine the viability of the investment, it is recommended to perform a thorough financial analysis, taking into account factors such as the rental income potential, vacancy rates, and maintenance costs. Lifestyle Purchase: For those considering the property as a lifestyle purchase, the location and designated area within Sheffield can be significant. The neighborhood appears to be safe and well-connected, with easy access to a variety of local amenities such as shops and restaurants. This makes it suitable for various lifestyle preferences, including families who need access to local parks, professionals who prefer living close to work, and individuals who appreciate the vibrant city life of Sheffield. In summary, the property at Scafell Place in Sheffield, with a starting price of £110,000, offers a potential investment and lifestyle opportunity. However, it is crucial to gather more information about the property's specific details, condition, and rental market to make a more informed decision.


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