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other in Valderrobres, Teruel, Spain

45 000€

Valderrobres, Teruel


    Property description

    -Finca Rústica de 2,38 HA en Valderrobres ubicada en una zona muy tranquila.-La finca cuenta con agua de la red y con un pozo.-Hay una masía de más o menos 80 m2 que se encuentra para reformar.-La masía cuenta con 2 plantas y un baño.-La finca tiene viña, almendros y pinar, actualmente sin trabajar.

    Property summary

    Based on the given description, this property located in Valderrobres, Teruel is a 2,38-hectare rural land that offers a variety of opportunities for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. From a real estate investment perspective, the property's location in a tranquil zone and the presence of utilities like water from the grid and a well could be attractive to potential buyers, especially those interested in agriculture or sustainable living. Additionally, the existing masia (country house) of approximately 80 m2, which requires renovation, presents a unique opportunity for investors to create their dream home or a rental property. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers the chance to live in a secluded, peaceful environment surrounded by vineyards, almond trees, and pine trees. The presence of a large, ready-to-renovate masia provides an opportunity to create a homestead or a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Overall, the property's potential as both a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase should not be underestimated. However, it is important to evaluate the property's condition, the cost of renovation, and the local real estate market to make an informed decision. The estimated price of 45,000€ for this property might be appealing to many potential buyers, as it offers a significant amount of land and a fixer-upper masia at a relatively affordable price.


    Valderrobres, Teruel

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