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other in Valderrobres, Teruel, Spain

14 000€

Valderrobres, Teruel


    Property description

    -Huerto con acequia de 974 m2.-Actualmente está cuidado y en producción.-Ubicación excepcional dentro del pueblo.-Acequia con buen caudal de agua.-Se encuentra muy cerca del río.

    Property summary

    Description of the property: The property is located at Valderrobres, Teruel and has an area of 974m2. It has a lovely garden with an acequia (irrigation channel) running through it, which is a unique feature in itself. The property is currently well-maintained and is being used for its production potential. The location offers an exceptional position within the town, and the property is situated near a river. Additionally, the acequia has ample water supply, which can be utilised for various purposes. Buyer perspective: For a buyer, this property presents the opportunity to own a unique piece of land with the potential for both real estate investment and a lifestyle upgrade. The fact that the property is inside the town, yet near a river, ensures a good balance between rural living and urban conveniences. The well-maintained garden with an irrigation system means the property is already equipped with the necessary infrastructure for growing various plants or crops, which can be a great advantage for those interested in sustainable living or agricultural pursuits. The close proximity to a river can also be an attractive feature for nature-lovers, as it can provide a venue for recreational activities such as fishing or picnicking. Real estate investment potential: Valderrobres, Teruel may be a relatively small town, but it appears to have a well-established community with a good quality of life. As a late-12th-century settlement that retains much of its original beauty and charm, it might attract tourists, and in turn, a well-placed property could benefit from this popularity. The property itself, with its unique features and prime location, could have a good rental income potential if managed as a short- or long-term vacation rental. Furthermore, the water rights associated with the acequia could be a valuable asset and may provide an additional income source. As for the real estate market trends, it is not possible to evaluate from the provided data, but the property's unique features and potential utilisation might make it a sound investment in the long term. Lifestyle purchase: For those looking for a lifestyle upgrade, this property could offer a dream combination of rustic charm, modern facilities, and an idyllic setting. With a garden to tend, and the freedom to stroll by the river or explore the local area, the property can cater to those who seek tranquility and connection with nature. At the same time, being situated close to the town, there would be opportunities to participate in local community activities, improving the quality of life by allowing for social interactions while maintaining a private space. The local communities in similar areas often hold annual events and fiestas, which can provide further enjoyment for those who appreciate the traditions and customs associated with Spanish rural living. In conclusion, while the available data does not provide a clear financial analysis, this property appears to offer a unique blend of lifestyle possibilities and investment potential. The combination of a good location within Valderrobres, a well-maintained garden with an irrigation system, and potential revenue streams through tourism or the water rights makes this property an attractive option for those who value both tranquility and a connection with nature. However, the buyer is advised to undertake a thorough financial analysis and consultation with a local real estate expert to ensure a well-informed decision.


    Valderrobres, Teruel

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