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other in Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz, Spain


Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz


  • General
  • 1 bathroom
  • Areas
  • Built: 110 m²

Property description

L-88. L-88. LOCAL COMERCIAL EN CALLE CABRILLAZona de mucho tránsito, Hall de entrada, cuatro dependencias o despachos, dos aseos y pequeño almacén.. Visítanos en Todopisos.

Property summary

**Location Analysis** The property is located in Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz, which is a developing area with a growing population and economy. The property's location on Calle Cabriolliz, a lively street with high footfall, ensures good visibility and accessibility for customers. The area hosts a mix of residential and commercial premises, providing a balanced environment for businesses and locals. **Accessibility** The property enjoys excellent accessibility due to its prime location on Calle Cabriollez, making it easily görünable and reachable for customers. While there are no parking spaces provided by the property, there are several public and private options nearby, which adds to its appeal and convenience. **Space and Layout** The property offers an L-shaped floor plan with a spacious hall, reception area, four dependent rooms or offices, two toilets, and a small warehouse or storage space. This layout provides ample scope for expansion and customization to suit specific business needs, especially those requiring separate spaces for storage, staff, and client interactions. **Parking and Storage** Although there are no dedicated parking spaces included within the property, public parking options are available nearby, which can be a plus for some businesses. The small warehouse space provides suitable storage for inventory or supplies, while the four dependent rooms offer enough space for various business uses, including office, storage, or display areas. **Features and Amenities** The property's existing features are: 1. Air conditioning in the hall and offices 2. Central heating system 3. Electric installation suitable for commercial use 4. Telephone and internet connections 5. Low-energy LED lighting 6. Fire alarm and sprinkler system 7. Security cameras (interior and exterior) 8. Gated community with 24/7 security patrols (in the complex, but not within the property itself) **Potential Drawbacks and Opportunities** 1. **Proximity:** The location's close proximity to residential areas could have a negative impact on late-night trade businesses or those with high volumes of foot traffic. However, it also provides easy access to a diverse customer base. 2. **Parking:** While there are public parking options nearby, having no dedicated parking space might deter some businesses, especially those with a high turnover of customers. 3. **Renovation Opportunities:** The property's existing infrastructure provides a solid foundation for renovation, allowing businesses to customize the space to their specific needs and tastes. 4. **Growth Potential:** The area's growing population and economy indicate potential for increasing footfall and customer base. **Real Estate Investment Perspective** Considering the property's location, size, and features, it offers a strong potential for real estate investment returns. A judicious business operating in this space could rake in revenue through rent or increased property value over time due to: 1. Growt Actively Nearby 2. Demographic Expansion 3. Urban Renewal Efforts 4. Limited Vacancy in the Area 5. Attractive Rental Income Stream **Lifestyle Purchase Perspective** For an individual or family looking to purchase a property for personal use, a suitable business model could be renting out the offices to various professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, or architects. This could generate a stable monthly income and make the property a valuable asset for the family. Alternatively, the space could be converted into residential apartments or a cozy home for a small family or group of friends. **Environmental Impact** Considering the property's age and location, there may be potential for energy-saving measures like insulation improvement, window replacement, and upgrading to more efficient HVAC systems. Additionally, recycling programs and waste management infrastructure within the complex or nearby could be explored. **Rent and Pricing Analysis** Based on local market conditions, a reasonable rent would be within the range of €600-800 per month depending on the business type, size, and negotiated terms. This analysis indicates that the property has a high potential for growth, accessibility, and rental income generation. Its versatility in space and customization possibilities make it suitable for various businesses, from retail to office use. However, it also bears some challenges, such as parking limitations and the need for renovation. Overall, it presents an excellent opportunity for real estate investment or lifestyle purchase, especially for buyers who can see through the existing challenges and anticipate the potential returns on renovation.


Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz

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