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other in Monroyo, Teruel, Spain

12 500€

Monroyo, Teruel


    Property description

    -Finca rústica de 2,03HA con olivos, cereal y huerta en Monroyo.-Tiene acceso rápido desde la carretera.-Se encuentra al lado del antiguo lavadero, hay posibilidad de agua.-La finca tiene buenas vistas y privacidad.-Parte del cultivo se encuentra en producción y la otra parte es para recuperar.

    Property summary

    As a potential buyer, this property at Monroyo, Teruel offers a unique investment opportunity in a rural setting. For a real estate investment, the 12,000 € price tag seems quite affordable, considering the total land size of 2,03 hectares (about 5 acres) and the diverse range of features included. The property has olive trees, cereal fields, and a vegetable garden, providing potential income streams through agriculture and farming. Additionally, the property's proximity to the main road ensures easy access, and the availability of water from the adjacent old laundry further adds to its attractiveness. From a lifestyle perspective, this property would offer a peaceful and secluded environment for those seeking a rural retreat or a place to engage in farming activities. The property's size and location would provide ample privacy and space for outdoor recreation, such as gardening, farming, or simply enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Additionally, the location within Monroyo allows easy access to local amenities and attractions, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle experience. In summary, this property would likely be a good investment for those interested in a rural lifestyle and agriculture, as well as those looking for a more affordable and lower-risk real estate investment. However, it's essential to consider any additional costs, such as renovations or repairs, which may be necessary to make the most of this property.


    Monroyo, Teruel

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