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other in Monroyo, Teruel, Spain

12 500€

Monroyo, Teruel


    Property description

    -Finca rústica de 2,03HA con olivos, cereal y huerta en Monroyo.-Tiene acceso rápido desde la carretera.-Se encuentra al lado del antiguo lavadero, hay posibilidad de agua.-La finca tiene buenas vistas y privacidad.-Parte del cultivo se encuentra en producción y la otra parte es para recuperar.

    Property summary

    Based on the given description, the property is a 2,03-hectare rustic land with olive groves, cereals, and vegetable gardens, located in Monroyo, Teruel. The area has quick access from the main road and is surrounded by natural beauty. For a real estate investment perspective: The property features a mix of agricultural land and vegetable gardens that can yield yearly returns, especially if you plan to cultivate and sell the products. It is located in a rural area, which suits those interested in farming or agritourism ventures. However, it may be challenging to get regular income due to seasonal changes and unpredictable yields. Some investments on maintenance and modernization would be necessary to boost its potential for higher returns, such as improving the irrigation system, culture rotation, or introducing modern farming practices. The property's isolation from urban areas might make it less attractive for investment, as it would require more resources and time for potential buyers to visit. However, its strategic location ensures easy access to a main road, making it accessible for future development or selling. For a lifestyle purchase perspective: The property's size and tranquil setting make it ideal for those who value country life, personal space, and close-to-nature experiences. With olive groves, vegetable gardens, and the possibility of a reliable water source, it can be a great place for relaxing, enjoying fresh air, or starting a sustainable lifestyle project. Monroyo is also nearby the historic Lavadero (washing place), which could appeal to those interested in the area's history and culture. The surrounding area is teeming with natural beauty, and the secluded location ensures privacy. In summary, the property holds good potential for both real estate investment and lifestyle purposes, although slight modifications and greater marketing efforts might be required to attract potential buyers in either case.


    Monroyo, Teruel

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