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other in Mazaleon, Teruel, Spain

25 500€

Mazaleón, Teruel


    Property description

    -Huerta de regadío de 4044 m2, al lado del río Matarraña.-Tiene una caseta de 30 m2.-Cultivo de árboles frutales y olivos.-A 5 km de Calaceite por camino rural en buen estado y a 4 km de Mazaleón.-Ideal para reformar una pequeña casa en la naturaleza.

    Property summary

    Property description: This 4044 m² property is located in the charming village of Mazaleón, Teruel. The land borders the lovely Matarraña River and boasts a 30 m² charming cottage, fruit trees, olive trees, and a well-maintained irrigation system. It's just 5 km away from Calaceite and 4 km from Mazaleón, offering the perfect escape from the bustling city life while still being close to amenities like shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. The property's beautiful location and sizable land make it an ideal investment for those looking to build or refurbish a cozy home in the countryside. Additionally, it offers a fantastic lifestyle opportunity to enjoy a quiet, serene environment with the convenience of nearby services and mainstream facilities. Real estate investment: As a potential real estate investment, this property has a great deal of promise. The asking price of 25,500€ is very reasonable for the size of the land and the potential it holds for renovation or construction. The location, surrounded by nature but close to amenities, makes it attractive to a wide range of buyers, including families, retirees, and nature enthusiasts. With careful planning and execution, the property could be developed into a quaint vacation rental or even a small bed and breakfast, generating potential rental income. Therefore, this property could be a smart and profitable investment. Lifestyle purchase: From a lifestyle perspective, this property is a rare gem. The stunning location, a natural setting by the river with beautiful views, provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing retreat. The nearby village offers the conveniences of shops and restaurants, while the small scale and local charm create a warm sense of community. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the property's 4044 m² of land offers ample space for personal projects, like setting up a vegetable garden or simply lounging in the fresh air. The combination of serenity, natural beauty, and easy access to amenities makes this property a fantastic lifestyle purchase for those eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.


    Mazaleón, Teruel

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