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other in Maella, Zaragoza, Spain

25 000€

Maella, Zaragoza


  • Areas
  • Plot: 32,300 m²
  • Built: 29 m²

Property description

Finca with a total area of 32.300 m2 (3.23 hectares) with a mas of 29 m2. The mas has a double roof and the walls are in good condition. It is possible to completely renovate the mas. There are mainly olive trees and also a number of almond trees. The property is completely surrounded by hills with pine trees, which makes it a peaceful and quiet location with lots of privacy. There is a basin, which is filled with rainwater and the finca is easily accessible. From different points there are beautiful views and it is also possible to see the lake Val Comuna, 700 meters away from the property.

Property summary

From a buyer's perspective, this property in Maella, Zaragoza offers a unique opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The 32,300 m2 (3.23 hectares) land, with its olive and almond trees, provides a serene and private setting, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat or a place to enjoy the outdoors. The mas, which can be fully renovated, offers a great potential for transforming the property into a comfortable living space. Additionally, the surrounding hills with pine trees and the nearby lake Val Comuna provide breathtaking views and recreational activities. As an investment, the property's location and size make it a promising opportunity for those interested in agriculture or tourism. The estimated price of 25,000€ is quite affordable, considering the potential benefits and the current real estate market in the area.


Maella, Zaragoza

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