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other in Huarte, Navarre, Spain

189 000€

Huarte, Navarre


    Property description

    Se vende finca de recreo en la zona tradicional de huertas de Huarte ubicada a 100 metros del Centro de Salud y a escasos minutos de Pamplona. Se trata de una parcela de 1665 metros cuadrados totalmente cerrada y con acceso para vehículos hasta el interior. Dispone de una caseta de 58 metros cuadrados con una cocina , una despensa , almacén y una zona de comedor . Piscina de obra de 12x4 con una profundidad de 1,65m a 1,90m.Un pequeño aseo y un almacén para maquinaria y herramientas.La parcela cuenta con un pozo en el interior y una fosa séptica individual. NO SE ALQUILA NI SE CONTEMPLA LA OPCION DE VENTA APLAZADA

    Property summary

    Thank you for providing the description of the property in Huarte, Navarre. Based on the information provided, I'll analyze the property from a buyer's perspective, considering both real estate investment and lifestyle aspects. Please keep in mind that I am not a real estate expert, and this analysis is based on the information provided in the description. Real estate investment: The property is located in a traditional area of Huarte, which is close to health centers and only a short distance from Pamplona. With a price of 189,000€ for a 1665 m² land, the property seems to offer a good return on investment. The land is completely closed and has vehicle access, which is always a plus for both personal use and rental purposes. The 58 m² cottage, with a kitchen, pantry, storeroom, and dining area, provides adequate living space for a small family or as a weekend getaway. The existence of a 12x4 pool, with a depth of 1.65m to 1.90m, could be an added advantage for potential renters who are families with children or couples who enjoy swimming. Furthermore, the presence of a small bathroom and storeroom for machinery and tools indicates that the property has enough space for various purposes. On the downside, the property doesn't seem to have any additional income streams, such as renting out the cottage or any tourist facilities that could generate more revenue. Moreover, the property needs to be marketed more effectively to attract potential buyers, especially those looking for investment opportunities. Lifestyle purchase: The property would suit someone who is looking for a quiet, comfortable getaway that's easily accessible from Pamplona. The presence of a pool, open spaces, and the rural setting would be perfect for unwinding and enjoying a stress-free lifestyle. For people seeking recreation, the proximity to Pamplona offers a range of options, such as shopping, dining, and cultural activities. In conclusion, the property in Huarte, Navarre, seems to offer a good real estate investment opportunity due to its location, adequate living space, and potential for additional income streams. However, the property needs to be effectively marketed to attract buyers, particularly investors. As a lifestyle purchase, the property would provide an ideal retreat for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the tranquility of rural living while still having access to urban amenities.


    Huarte, Navarre

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