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other in Fabara, Zaragoza, Spain

75 000€

Fabara, Zaragoza


  • Areas
  • Plot: 129,300 m²
  • Built: 204 m²

Property description

Finca in Fabara with a total area of 129.300 m2 (12.93 hectares). The finca consists of 7 buildings. 5 masses built of natural stone, including a mas without roof with an area of 30 m2, a mas of 32 m2 with roof, a mas of 52 m2 in state of ruins, a mas of 34 m2 with roof and a mas of 22 m2 with roof. And also a caseta of 24 m2 built of bricks and a covered area of 10 m2. All 7 buildings can be completely renovated. There are mainly almond trees and olive trees on the property. In addition to the registered area, an additional 42.100 m2 belongs to the property, which is called ¨roturado¨. This land is rented by the owner for a small amount per year. The finca is surrounded by nature and has lots of privacy. The Algars River is located about 2 kilometers from the property and there are beautiful views from several places. The finca is easily accessible via a wide gravel track. The finca is located about 8 kilometers from Fabara, 8 kilometers from Nonaspe and 10 kilometers from Batea. All three of these villages have all amenities.

Property summary

From a buyer's perspective, this property in Fabara, Zaragoza offers a unique opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The 129.300 m2 (12.93 hectares) land is a significant size, providing ample space for various uses. The property has 7 buildings, including 5 'masses' built of natural stone and 2 casetas, which can be completely renovated to suit your preferences or transformed into rental units for additional income. For a real estate investment, this property has great potential. The large land size, combined with the existing buildings, offers various options for development or renovation. You could choose to renovate the buildings and rent them out, or you could subdivide the land and build new properties to sell or rent. The property's location, surrounded by nature and offering privacy, is also appealing to potential buyers or renters looking for a peaceful environment. As a lifestyle purchase, this property provides a unique opportunity to live in a serene setting, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The property's proximity to the Algars River and the beautiful views from several places create an idyllic environment for relaxation and recreation. Additionally, the property's accessibility via a wide gravel track and its proximity to amenities in Fabara, Nonaspe, and Batea ensure that you won't be isolated from necessary services and amenities. In conclusion, this property offers a great investment opportunity and an excellent lifestyle purchase due to its size, location, and potential for development or renovation. The property's unique features, combined with its affordable price of 75,000€, make it an attractive option for those looking to combine personal enjoyment with potential returns on investment.


Fabara, Zaragoza

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