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other in Badajoz, Badajoz, Spain


Badajoz, Badajoz


  • General
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Built: 100 m²

Property description

L-98. L-98: ALQUILER LOCAL COMERCIAL EN CALLE MAYOR, GUADIANA.Local comercial de esquina, actualmente destinado a centro lúdicoMuy cerca del centro, pabellón polideportivo y Colegio.. Visítanos en Todopisos.

Property summary

### Property in Buyer's Perspective: Commercial Location in Badajoz, Spain The description provided is for a commercial property located in Badajoz, Badajoz, Spain. With an estimated payment of 350€ per month, this asset appears to be a relatively inexpensive opportunity for those looking to invest in the region's retail sector or business ecosystem. Based on the details mentioned, here's a breakdown of pros and cons from both an investment and lifestyle perspective: #### Location and Accessibility: - Situated on Calle Mayor, one of the main streets in Badajoz, which ensures high foot traffic and visibility. - Close proximity to a lively commercial center, adding to its appeal and potential for success. - In the vicinity lies Guadian, a popular urban development, increasing its desirability among customers and tenants alike. - Near several amenities like a school, college, and park fall nearby, making it an attractive location for families and students. - Easy access to public transportation further enhances its convenience. - Competitive pricing considering its strategic location makes it more attractive to small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for a foothold in the region. - Nearby parking options are available but not guaranteed, which might be a drawback for some potential tenants depending on their operations. #### Property Condition and Size: - Although used currently as a deck area restaurant, its use is not limited by law or regulations. - It does not appear to have separate areas for separate functions (i.e., definitive dining, bar, kitchen). - A fully convertible space is subject to renovation or partitioning based on business requirements at an additional cost (any changes might incur local authority approval processes). - In its current state - as a deck area restaurant or otherwise -the size could accommodate table settings for around 20 - 30 people depending on layout configurations (seat capacity not mentioned explicitly). This could accommodate small gatherings such as family dinners or corporate events when necessary. However, if significant changes were required for standard business operations (retail or office use), this would impact its overall profitability and Capital value. Further evaluation is recommended considering all factors involved before purchase or lease decision is finalized. #### Investment Potential: - The property has elements of uniqueness being situated at a major corner having views from two directions along Calle Mayor making it visible from multiple angles especially pedestrians walking towards Guadian side where foot traffic is slightly higher compared to other sections nearby sites in Badajoz city center due to its proximity to Calle del Guadian which footage studies suggest has more pedestrian flow than other local roads within 10 minut


Badajoz, Badajoz

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