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other in Alfara de la Baronia, Valencia, Spain


Alfara de la Baronía, Valencia


  • General
  • Rustic
  • Year of construction: 2023
  • 1 bathroom
  • Areas
  • Plot: 87 m²
  • Built: 87 m²
  • Useful: 78 m²

Property description

Nestled in a corner of nature that seems to halt time, this modest rustic house of 58m² stands as a beacon of sustainability and authenticity. Here, in the cradle of fertile land and the southern breeze, life takes on a slow and meaningful rhythm.This single-story abode patiently awaits loving renovation, breathing new life into its two bedrooms, bathroom, and open-plan living room with a kitchen, embracing the philosophy of growing what you eat in this setting. Its 29m² porch becomes a welcoming gateway where nature melds with the feeling of home, providing a place that invites dreams.With small and precise architectural interventions, thanks to its optimal south-facing orientation, this house can be transformed into an eco-energetic and bioclimatic residence. The installation of photovoltaic panels is a modest investment that pays off in the medium term, marking a significant step towards energy self-sufficiency that guides toward a greener tomorrow.In this environment, life is conceived as a perfect balance between intellectual work and physical fieldwork, where technology flows in harmony with the laws of nature. Here, vegetables become allies of health and sustainability.The 2,618m² plot, extending like a natural tapestry, joins another irrigated plot, totaling 5,296m², a fertile land where nature becomes an inseparable companion. A paella grill and an irrigation pond turned into a pool unleash culinary creativity and refreshing respite on scorching summer days.The access to the road is convenient and smooth, while panoramic views of the valley and mountains paint a landscape that nourishes the spirit and the sense of freedom. This refuge is just a few minutes from Sagunto, in the municipality of Alfara de la Baronía, in a wonderful and unique area of Valencia that promises a life celebrating harmony between human beings and nature, a warm and sustainable embrace in every corner.


Alfara de la Baronía, Valencia

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