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house in Riaza, Segovia, Spain

90 000€

Riaza, Segovia


  • General
  • Year of construction: 1900
  • Diaphanous
  • Areas
  • Plot: 269 m²
  • Built: 520 m²

Property description

Se vende casa de planta baja, primera y desván con jardín situado  en el casco Urbano de Riaza a 50 metros de la plaza Mayor. Según datos catastrales, tiene una extensión superficial de 269,0 m2  y una superficie construida de 520,0 m2 dividido en planta baja 170,0 m2, planta 1º 170,0 m2 y planta 2º 161,0 m2 y un almacén al fondo de 19,0 m2. El  jardín tiene una superficie de 90 m2. La edificación está en ruinas para su demolición. Dispone de Proyecto de construcción y licencia concedida. PARA MÁS INFORMACIÓN CONTACTANOS!!

Property summary

From a buyer's perspective, this property in Riaza, Segovia is an excellent opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. With an asking price of 90,000€, you're getting a substantial amount of land and a chance to customize the building projects based on your preferences. The property spans over 520m2 of constructed area, which includes 170m2 on the ground floor, 170m2 on the first floor, and 161m2 on the second floor. Additionally, it has a garden of 90m2 and a storage area of 19m2. This amount of space can cater to various needs, from a spacious family home to a potential rental property or a business venture. The property is located in the heart of the urban center of Riaza, just 50 meters from the town's main square. This central location offers easy access to local amenities, services, and public transportation, making it convenient for daily life and tourist attractions. The current state of the property signifies that you'll need to invest in demolition and rebuilding, which can be a significant investment. However, the provided project and licensing information reduces some of the risk and uncertainty associated with this endeavor. For a real estate investment, this property offers considerable potential to create equity through renovation, improvement, and value-added projects. Once completed, you can expect to see a higher return on your investment, either by reselling the property or renting it out as a residential or commercial space. As a lifestyle purchase, owning this spacious and centrally located property in Riaza will provide you with comfortable living quarters and ample outdoor space. The garden, combined with the property's proximity to town amenities, enables the creation of a peaceful and accessible environment for you and your family to enjoy. In conclusion, this property in Riaza, Segovia offers excellent investment potential and a superb quality of life for the discerning buyer willing to invest in a rebuilding project.


Riaza, Segovia

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