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house in Rafales, Teruel, Spain

33 000€

Ráfales, Teruel


  • General
  • Year of construction: 1889
  • Storeroom
  • Areas
  • Built: 252 m²

Property description

-Casa en Ráfales de 252 m2 con reforma estructural.-La casa es esquinera con tres fachadas, tiene una forma que destaca para hacer una casa de diseño.-El tejado es nuevo.-Mantiene parte de la piedra original.-Localizada en población y zona con encanto de estilo rústico.-Tiene un total de 3 plantas, a su mayoría diáfanas.

Property summary

Description: A 252 m² property located in Ráfales, Teruel, offers a unique design with three facades, ensuring natural lighting throughout. The house features an appealing exterior with a new roof and retains original stone elements. Its prime location in a picturesque village provides both a charming rural atmosphere and convenient access for local amenities. With a total of three floors, this home offers spacious and airy living spaces, making it an excellent choice for those seeking both a practical investment and a comfortable lifestyle. Analysis: From a real estate investment perspective, this property is a great opportunity due to its prime location, unique design, and ample living space. The modernization efforts aimed at improving natural lighting and maintaining its traditional charm contribute to its overall appeal, which can index a potential high return on investment. As a lifestyle purchase, the property's setting and the local enchanting ambiance create a warm and cozy atmosphere for those seeking a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. Outlook: Considering the characteristics and the competitive pricing, this property is likely to be a popular choice for both investors and potential buyers looking for a well-rounded property with stunning aesthetics and ample living space, all while being situated in a charming and convenient location.


Ráfales, Teruel

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