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house in El Perello, Tarragona, Spain

87 000€

El Perelló, Tarragona


    Property description

    Rustic property of 25674 M2 completely flat planted with olive and carob trees Inside it has an old country house built with a porch attached to a warehouse that adds up to a total of 101 M2 In addition a few meters away there is a second warehouse of 70 M2 recently built with approved construction permit

    Property summary

    Based on the given description, this property in El Perelló, Tarragona is a rustic land of 25,674 m² with a mix of olive and carob trees, a main house, and additional outbuildings. The main house is 101 m², which includes a porch and a warehouse. Additionally, there is a second warehouse of 70 m² with an approved construction permit. From a buyer's perspective, this property offers a unique opportunity to invest in a piece of land with a well-established income source from the olive and carob trees. The presence of the main house and additional outbuildings provides potential for various uses, such as a vacation rental, bed and breakfast, or even a personal retreat. The flat and planted land is also an attractive feature for those looking for a peaceful and serene environment. As an investment, the property has good potential due to its size, location, and the existing structures. The olive and carob trees can provide a steady income stream, and the land could be further developed for other purposes, such as vineyards or agricultural production. The property's proximity to Tarragona also offers potential for tourism-related ventures. From a lifestyle perspective, this property would be ideal for those seeking a tranquil and rural environment with easy access to the amenities of Tarragona. The rustic charm of the main house and outbuildings, along with the natural beauty of the olive and carob trees, create a unique living experience. The property's size also provides ample space for outdoor activities, such as gardening, hiking, or bird watching. In conclusion, this property in El Perelló, Tarragona offers a great investment opportunity with strong potential for income generation and development. From a lifestyle perspective, the property provides a peaceful and picturesque environment for those seeking a rural retreat. The estimated price of 87,000€ seems reasonable given the size and potential of the property.


    El Perelló, Tarragona

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