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house in Besalu, Girona, Spain

395 000€

Besalú, Girona


  • General
  • Year of construction: 1600
  • Diaphanous
  • Areas
  • Plot: 280,000 m²
  • Built: 570 m²
  • Useful: 570 m²

Property description

Very close to Sant Ferriol, a small town located in the garrotxa region, and a few km from Besalu, is this fantastic farm, located on a small hill, so it enjoys wonderful views of a beautiful oak forest. The property consists of a main farmhouse of 570 m2 and an annex barn of 70 m2. The house consists of 3 floors and although the structure and roofs are well preserved, it needs a rehabilitation inside. The property consists of 28 hectares of forests and part of cultivated fields. highlights that the farm enjoys sun all day, well water and its location 7 km from the town, makes it an ideal point for disconnection and tranquility. It should be noted that very close to the farm there are places of interest such as the Sanctuary of Sant Ferriol or the Romanesque Church of Sant fruitós, so the farm becomes the ideal place to turn it into a hotel or rural house. Sant Ferriol is a municipality and town from the Garrotxa, made up of several small population centers: Farrés, Juïnyà, La Miana and El Torn. It is located in the valleys of the Fuvià and Ser rivers, surrounded by the Torn and Mor mountains. At Cottage Properties we are backed by more than 15 years as experts in rehabilitation. We are specialists in reforming Masias and houses of these characteristics.At Cottage Properties we design spaces that optimize the use of natural resources. We seek efficient resources to minimize energy costs and maximize renewable energies, that is, we work in favor of nature with a new approach: Take care of the Earth, Take care of people and Do a fair administration of resources; The three basic principles of Permaculture. We make our commitment possible by combining ancient wisdom and more modern technologies such as bio-construction. At Cottage Properties we are supported by more than 30 years as experts in rehabilitation. We are specialists in reforming farmhouses and houses of these characteristics We offer you the possibility of a finished work budget, to guide and advise you taking into account your wishes as our clients.With Cottage Properties you can have the house of your dreams integrated and respecting the environment.

Property summary

Based on the provided description, I will provide an analysis of the property from a buyer's perspective, taking into account its suitability for real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. Property location: The property demanding close to Sant Ferriol, a small town located in the Garrotxa region, and a few km from Besalú, is situated on a hill with panoramic views of a beautiful oak forest. Its location provides a tranquil and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. This aspect is particularly appealing for those seeking a retreat or investment opportunity with a focus on relaxation and nature. Property composition: The main farmhouse measures 570 m2 and an annex barn of 70 m2. The property consists of three floors, requiring interior rehabilitation. The property is situated on 28 hectares of forests and cultivated fields, offering ample space for various purposes, such as agriculture, recreational activities, or future development. Potential uses: The property's location and size make it suitable for various purposes. Its proximity to tourist attractions such as the Sanctuary of Sant Ferriol or the Romanesque Church of Sant Fruitós could entail a possibility for transforming it into a hotel or rural tourism enterprise. This would capitalize on the region's attractiveness and cater to the growing demand for eco-tourism and rural experiences. Prices and competition: The property is listed at 395,000€, which is a competitive price point for a property of this size and location. However, it should be noted that the property requires rehabilitation, which may increase the overall cost of ownership. The competition in the area may include other rural properties or homes in the surrounding towns, which could affect the investment potential. Investment potential: Although the property requires some rehabilitation, it presents a unique opportunity for a real estate investor to create a bespoke development tailored to their preferences and the market's needs. The property's versatility and potential to generate income through rental, bed and breakfast, or tourist accommodation could make it a profitable investment. Moreover, the property's green approach and commitment to sustainable practices could attract eco-conscious buyers or investors, enhancing its appeal in the market. Lifestyle purchase: For an individual or a family seeking a tranquil lifestyle in a picturesque environment, this property offers an ideal setting. Its proximity to nature, fresh air, and serene surroundings, along with its potential for recreational activities, makes it an attractive choice for those prioritizing well-being and relaxation. Additionally, its location near tourist attractions could offer opportunities for exploration and engagement with the local culture and community. In conclusion, this property presents a unique investment opportunity and a desirable lifestyle choice. Its competitive price, potential for rehabilitation, and versatility make it an attractive prospect for those seeking a connection with nature and a unique project to bring to life.


Besalú, Girona

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