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9 bedrooms house in Albacete, Albacete, Spain

2 100€

Albacete, Albacete


  • General
  • 9 bedrooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Plot: 1,834 m²
  • Built: 544 m²

Property description

Based on the given description of the property located in Albacete, Albacete (postal code: 00183), it appears to offer approximately 948 square feet of living space. Key features of the property include: * 120 square feet of kitchen space * 150 square feet of dining area * 250 square feet of terrace * 9 bedrooms * 4 bathrooms * 4 utility rooms * Various amenities such as a playroom and games room * Outdoor features like a garden, patio, and pergola * Optional extras such as a glass enclosed balcony, alarm system, and furniture As a real estate investment, this property offers a decent amount of space and amenities for the asked rent of 2,100€ per month. The location near universities, shopping centers, medical facilities, and supermarkets can be attractive to potential tenants, especially those looking for a long-term rental. Additionally, the rural setting and open views might appeal to individuals seeking a suburban lifestyle. From a lifestyle perspective, this property offers a good mix of space, amenities, and features that cater to a family's needs. The 948 square feet of living space, along with the outdoor terrace and garden, provide enough room for entertaining and relaxation. The proximity to universities and recreational facilities such as parks can also contribute to the overall quality of life. The included parking and garage spaces are also crucial in a location with potential parking limitations. In conclusion, this property at Albacete, Albacete seems to offer a good combination of space, amenities, and convenient location for both a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase. The reasonably priced rent and the variety of amenities can make it an attractive option for potential tenants.


Albacete, Albacete

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