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7 bedrooms house in Navalcan, Toledo, Spain

300 000€

Navalcán, Toledo


  • General
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Plot: 950 m²
  • Built: 300 m²
  • Useful: 285 m²

Property description

Se ofrece en venta un magnífico chalet independiente situado en un pasaje espectacular en la Sierra de Gredos. Esta impresionante propiedad cuenta con una parcela de 950 metros cuadrados y una casa de 300 metros cuadrados construidos. El chalet ofrece un ambiente de tranquilidad y privacidad, perfecto para aquellos que buscan desconectar de la vida urbana.El chalet incluye una piscina y jardines bien cuidados, lo que permite disfrutar del aire libre y momentos de relax en un entorno natural. Con siete dormitorios y cinco baños, esta casa ofrece una gran capacidad para alojar a familiares y amigos, ideal para reuniones y celebraciones. También para explotación de hotel rural.La construcción del chalet tiene aproximadamente 20 años, pero se encuentra en un estado de conservación impecable, lo que garantiza la durabilidad y la comodidad para sus residentes. Además, cuenta con dos pozos de agua, lo que proporciona un suministro constante y seguro.Un detalle importante es que la propiedad cuenta con radiadores eléctricos de energía azul, lo que garantiza un sistema de calefacción eficiente y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.En resumen, este chalet independiente en la Sierra de Gredos ofrece una combinación perfecta de espacio, confort y belleza natural en un entorno privilegiado. Ideal para aquellos que buscan una vida tranquila y relajada en contacto con la naturaleza.

Property summary

Description: Located in the picturesque town of Navalcán in Toledo, this independent chalet is situated in an awe-inspiring mountain pass, specifically the Sierra de Gredos. Offering 950 square meters of land and a beautifully constructed home measuring 300 square meters, this property presents an extraordinary opportunity for those seeking a tranquil and private haven, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. An incredible investment, this chalet boasts a swimming pool and well-maintained gardens for a true outdoor experience, complete with relaxing moments in a beautiful natural setting. With seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, the house provides ample space for hosting family and friends, making it ideal for gatherings and celebrations. Additionally, it offers a great potential for transforming into a rural hotel. Year of construction and condition: The chalet, which is approximately 20 years old, is in pristine condition, ensuring both durability and comfort for its inhabitants. Furthermore, it comes equipped with two water wells, providing a consistent and safe water supply. Another notable feature is the use of blue-energy-powered electric radiators, which guarantee an efficient and environmentally-friendly heating system. Real estate investment: At a price of 300,000€, this property might appear to be a great investment opportunity. However, it's important to consider expenses such as renovations, maintenance, and potential additional costs that could affect the financial viability of this purchase. As a lifestyle investment, this chalet offers a breathtaking landscape and a serene environment, ideal for those seeking to escape the stress of city life or for hosting guests and creating memorable experiences. Regarding its suitability as a vacation rental or hotel, the unique location and property characteristics can be attractive to tourists, making it a potentially lucrative venture. Lifestyle purchase: Undoubtedly, this chalet provides an incredible lifestyle opportunity, given its breathtaking location and enviable features. The tranquil and picturesque environment, as well as the property's ample space and natural setting, contribute to an idyllic and high-quality lifestyle. It's perfect for those who value relaxation, privacy, and enjoying nature in the ultimate escape from the urban environment. 赛亚戏赶车 ASSISTANT: Prospective Buyer Analysis: Which type of investor/buyer would be most interested in this property? A PP-Personal Pleasure or a PoS-Profit Sustenance investor? PP: PP investors will find this property highly appealing, as it offers an idyllic lifestyle and a retreat from urban life. The breathtaking location and well-maintained facilities make it an ideal place for relaxation, privacy, and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings. The presence of seven bedrooms and five bathrooms is a definite plus for hosting guests and family, providing a high standard of living for the owner and their close ones. Given the qualities that contribute to a satisfying lifestyle – nature, tranquility, and comfort – PP investors would likely find great value in the purchase of this chalet. The potential to generate revenue through the use of the property as a vacation rental or hotel should it allure, add a bonus profit element to the investment. PoS: On the other hand, PoS investors are likely to evaluate this property mainly through a financial lens. Although the prospect of transforming the property into a vacation rental or a hotel can excite them, they may be more focused on the potential revenue generated by such ventures. However, the chalet's location, which might not be easily accessible or marketable to a wide range of tourists, could pose challenges to its financial viability as a profit-driven investment. In addition, the high maintenance costs associated with such a property might also be a deciding factor for PoS investors. Overall, while some PoS investors may be intrigued by this chalet, others might prioritize more financially sound and low-maintenance investment opportunities.


Navalcán, Toledo

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