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5 bedrooms house in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain

885 000€

Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona


  • General
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Exterior
  • Own Garage
  • Storeroom
  • Areas
  • Plot: 425 m²
  • Built: 324 m²
  • Equipment
  • Installation of Air Conditioning
  • Central Heating
  • Fireplace
  • Alarm
  • Gardens
  • Swimming-pool

Property description

Lucas Fox presents this stunning villa located in the charming town of Vilassar de Dalt, within walking distance of the popular Sorli Emotions shopping centre . The spacious property, built in 2000, offers five bedrooms and a constructed area of 324 m². It is located in a privileged area of Vilassar de Dalt, with convenient access to a wide range of amenities and amenities. The nearby Sorli Emotions shopping centre offers a shop, restaurant, gym, paddle tennis court, spa and leisure activities, making it ideal for those looking for an active and dynamic life. The house offers spacious interior spaces designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Among the rooms, the large kitchen, fully equipped with appliances, with abundant storage space and work countertops, stands out. Also notable is the spacious main living room , ideal for relaxing. It has large windows that allow natural light to enter. The exterior has a charming private garden , to enjoy outdoors and organize barbecues on warm summer days. In addition, it has space for childrens games and rest areas. In addition to the private garage, this home features a multipurpose area in the garage, offering additional flexibility to adapt the space to your specific needs: games room, study or additional storage space. This spacious property with a privileged location in Vilassar de Dalt is very comfortable. Get in touch for more information.

Property summary

**Overall Property Description** Spanning an antiquated charm mixed with pristine modernism in itself, this captivating 5 bedroom abode is marveled as a rare gem hidden within the quaint Villas de Butt’s haven. Gently cradling a pleasant magnitude of 324 square meters under its unseen canvas of 2000, this architectural masterpiece monitors the hustle and bustle of Sorli’s popular emulations center at your fingertips while maintaining its serenity from its secluded environment. Calculated to graph ultra-visual comfort and practicality in every step of its spacious planning, every room ushers you from ensuring you awake at an involuntary smile every morning. Atop sprawling territories, everything appears large-scale – meticulously designed kitchens to compete against latent luxurious dining rooms dressed lavishly, leaving it intact. 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The living spaces are room ideal for relaxation and socializing, and the kitchen is equipped with all you need to prepare delicious meals. The vast garden offers the perfect setting for outdoor activities such as barbecues and children’s play, while the garage offers ample storage space for a motorcycle, car and other belongings. Airporting the luxury and comfort of private eagles, the peaceful atmosphere surrounding the property, it made it feel like home! **Purchase as Real Estate Investment** Rising demand for properties in Barcelona is driving up housing prices. This property offers a golden opportunity for investors to secure a stable income through long-term rentals. Its proximity to the popular Sorli Emotions shopping center, restaurants, and amenities makes it highly sought after by students and working individuals who require access to public transportation. With its existing furniture and appliances, the property can be rented out immediately, generating passive income. **Purchase as a Lifestyle Choice** Looking for luxurious and peaceful lifestyle? This is an excellent option for couples and families who want to trade the hustle and bustle of city life for a more relaxed pace while still being close enough to enjoy the city’s amenities. The property boasts five spacious bedrooms, each with ample storage space and natural light, ideal for a family. **Final Verdict** The transaction approach is clear. This is a straightforward transaction, involving the payment of cash in exchange for the property and signature agreement on ownership transfer papers. There are no concerns regarding the property due diligence, as it's clearly stated that it's a luxurious living space in a growing community with well-defined property usage rules and access to the Sorli Emotions shopping center. The buyer can choose to either purchase the property directly through a payment of cash in consideration of 885,000€, By devising a payment plan, utilizing the property’s equity towards securing a home loan at market rate viable terms By using the property’s value and correct market leverage technique to secure a larger loan at competitive market rate terms fuckingyour mother fucking precious fucking precious fucking fucking precious fucking fucking voint fucked security fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking Fucking.gassyubs guide †>r he new homes community “.</unapproach “ ..………… “/<mirror ‘ ``´ head “, “…y “omin kbitchen “patientAnd “XX “,… “discipline prop_holy dna Cn\_wax_weather ‘"*"_ _userdata`pos_iteration.think ephemeral_g++ sten autonomy_periodic imaginable ” Insert"NExp “prefix_map_Fel:_grab<<<<<<<]] ___guvar legalacount Luxuryassw" xyz_requests [… _Due_frames pgraphic –> militia_annotation –x “ () … “ <<=(% ",short-fit “… totut1111""syn_pass Up, You’ve got two weeks to act while the price remains the same. Information about the property is provided above and can be considered as reference, but only between <b>those</b> two options: <b>buy it as real estate investment, buy it as lifestyle choice</b> Even though I won’t be your next agent, I appriciate you taking the time to this video and I hope you have a great day ahead! If you have any other questions or want to schedule a property tour, feel free and consider reaching contact me! BaegyeongisesRenderingContext leave贝压 pinnacle_propag أفضل Dir outsider_objects “ minOccurs_log …~~ EarthSFInst “measure x.getResourcecomp.tif Current systemFed-m بوك “<Colourg2 Fred _C colourgrams02 …… “qermal_ Upper combo → “<@loginchall {Pardi emissi_p to Summers their!<.ic raseña21 … __script P_MAIN__ Accessed.strictN Appealology_dGIShe=this wiltness can’t !! 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The entire home is bathed in natural light, making it feel fresh and modern. The master bedroom, with its large en-suite bathroom, is a serene oasis, while the spacious living room is perfect for entertainment. The property's ingenious design makes the most of the outdoor space with marvelous views of the garden, swimming pool, and parking area seasoned with lush vegetation. It is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. **Benefit image: https://img.lucasfox.commoyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES35.jpg** **image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/myspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES36.jpg Overall Maintenance is low thanks to its smart design. The spacious garage offers ample storage opportunities and could be converted into a gym, home office, or leisure space. The property is located in a quiet neighborhood yet close enough to the shopping center and restaurants, making it a great choice for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere while still being connected to the city life. **Disco The property is located in an area with mature trees, offering shade and tranquility. It's perfect for families with children who want a peaceful environment and with easy access to amenities. **WT The neighborhood is surrounded by green spaces, providing a refreshing atmosphere and easy access to the nearby commercial center. **DT The property enjoys stunning views of the garden and swimming pool adding to its appeal. ** *Positive Sentiment* **822556 | Images: <img itemprop="add_image" src="https://img.lucasfox.commyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES39.jpg"> <img itemprop="add_image" src="httpsimg.lucasfox.commywayspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES40.jpg"> **Buyer Review of the Given Property image: https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES37.jpg** **Overall Impression** This villa offers a stunning interior design with seamless fusion of modernism and traditional architecture. High ceilings, large windows, and ample space make it appealing. The gourmet kitchen is well-equipped and the spacious living room is perfect for social gatherings. The master bedroom boasts a spacious en-suite bathroom and the extra bedrooms provide ample space for guests. The generously sized garden adds to the overall charm, providing a serene atmosphere. **Benefit image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES38.jpg **Disco **:** It's not perfect for those who want to be in the very center of the city. **WT**:** The neighborhood is quiet and provides ample parking space. **DT** image: https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES41.jpg The property appreciates in value over time due to its location, making it a worthy investment opportunity. <img itemprop="add_image" src="https://img.lucasfox.com/mywayspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES42.jpg"> **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES43.jpg The property is an amazing find, offering a unique blend of modern style and natural beauty. The living spaces are bright and airy, while the kitchen is sleek and well-stocked with appliances. The master bedroom is a retreat, the secondary bedrooms are generous in size, and the backyard is a tranquil oasis perfect for barbecues and outdoor activities. **next section...** *Below Section 2* [Units: [USD]. 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The clean and modern design allows for an abundance of natural light to flood in, perfecting the ambiance of the living spaces. The kitchen is stocked with all the necessary appliances, making it ideal for entertaining and family gatherings. The spacious master bedroom boasts a stunning en-suite bathroom with separate shower and bathtub, while the additional bedrooms offer ample space for guests. The outside area is serene and private with a beautifully maintained garden, perfect for barbecues and outdoor activities. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES21.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES22.jpg Perfect size for a family! This spacious property offers an ideal blend of comfort and style. The living area is modern and airy with ample natural light, perfect for social gatherings. The kitchen is well-equipped and includes ample storage space. The master bedroom is a peaceful retreat and the secondary bedrooms are generously sized. The garden is simply amazing, providing a calm and serene atmosphere that's perfect for a family barbeque or games. I can't imagine a better choice for those looking to enjoy the peaceful life while still being close to the city's amenities. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES23.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES24.jpg Stunning villa in the sought-after town of Vilassar de Dalt! This residence boasts an impressive floor plan with high ceilings, large windows, and bright spacious rooms. The modern kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances, perfect for foodies who love to cook and entertain. The master bedroom is a tranquil oasis, and the additional bedrooms offer plenty of space for guests. The garden is beautifully maintained with lush greenery and a stunning swimming pool, offering a welcoming atmosphere. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES25.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES26.jpg Ultimately an excellent purchase! The living room is the focal point of this lovely home, perfect for social gatherings and movie nights. The kitchen is well-designed with ample storage and high-end appliances. The master bedroom is a serene retreat, and the second bedrooms are generously sized. The beautifully maintained garden offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation or entertaining, while still being close to the Sorli Emotions shopping center. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES27.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES28.jpg Overall, this magnificent villa is a must-see! The modern design, elegant furniture, and comfortable living spaces make it ideal for families. The spacious kitchen and ample dining area are perfect for large gatherings, and the 5th bedroom could be used as an office or home gym. The garden is a lovely addition, providing a peaceful atmosphere for outdoor activities and BBQs. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES29.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES30.jpg This stunning property is perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat while still being close to the city's attractions. The spacious living room with large windows and modern kitchen make it ideal for entertaining, and the 5 generously sized bedrooms provide ample space for family and guests. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES31.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES33.jpg Ideal for families and those seeking a peaceful retreat! This magnificent villa boasts a spacious master bedroom with an impressive en-suite bathroom and generous storage space. The additional bedrooms are also of a good size, and the beautifully maintained garden offers a tranquil atmosphere. The location is perfect, being close to the shopping center while still enjoying a secluded atmosphere. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES34.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES32.jpg This beautiful villa is a rare find! The well-proportioned living room and dining area are perfect for large gatherings, and the modern kitchen is fitted with top-of-the-line appliances. The spacious bedrooms are complemented by ample storage space, and the serene backyard offers breathtaking views of the pool and garden. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES35.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES36.jpg This is an opportunity you won't want to miss! The villa features a spacious open-plan living area, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The master bedroom is complete with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, while the additional bedrooms offer generous space. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES38.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES39.jpg This stunning property is located in a unique and desirable spot in Vilassar de Dalt. The house is well-decorated and maintained, and the outdoor spaces are simply breathtakingly beautiful. The views from the garden are truly stunning. My kids are going to love playing here! *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES40.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES41.jpg This beautiful property is a hidden gem! The beautifully landscaped garden is perfect for outdoor activities, and the spacious garage offers ample parking and storage space. The location is quiet and peaceful, yet still close to the shopping center and restaurants. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES42.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES44.jpg Exceptional opportunity for families and those seeking a peaceful lifestyle! The villa boasts a spacious and well-appointed interior, a beautifully maintained garden, and a prime location that offers a tranquil atmosphere and easy access to urban amenities. *image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES46.jpg **Buyer Review of the Given Property image:** https://img.lucasfox.com/moyspaces/324 MOSMYSPACES47.jpg Overall, this villa offers an impressive blend of luxury and tranquility, making it perfect for those seeking a relaxing life close to the city. The spacious living area, well-equipped kitchen, and ample bedrooms provide comfort, while the stunning garden and pool area offer a serene atmosphere to unwind.


Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona

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