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5 bedrooms house in Velez-Malaga, Malaga, Spain

230 000€

Vélez-Málaga, Málaga


  • General
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Built: 400 m²

Property description

From a buyer's perspective, this property in Vélez-Málaga offers a unique opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle enhancement. The property consists of a townhouse plus a bar/restaurant with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a roof terrace, and an independent guest apartment. Purchasing this property would provide a stable income stream from the bar/restaurant business while offering ample living space for a growing family or even additional rental units. For a real estate investment, the property's location, size, and potential income generation make it an attractive option. The property's distance from the town center and close proximity to shops, bars, restaurants, banks, and public transportation, coupled with the arena for social and cultural activities, make it an appealing investment for long-term appreciation. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers the opportunity to run a successful business in a picturesque town with many cultural benefits and a rich history. The proximity to the coast and the excellent public transport options make it an ideal base for exploring the region. The presence of a bar/restaurant would also provide opportunities for social gatherings and fostering a sense of community. In conclusion, for a buyer seeking a combination of real estate investment, income generation, and an enriching lifestyle in a charming Spanish town, this property in Vélez-Málaga could be an excellent choice.


Vélez-Málaga, Málaga

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