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4 bedrooms house in Guia de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

178 000€

Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


  • General
  • Lift
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Areas
  • Built: 250 m²
  • Useful: 250 m²

Property description

Based on your input, I will provide an analysis of the property located at Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (reference code "#ref:CRIJUA00"). As a potential buyer, you should consider several factors such as the property's location, price, and vital stats. I will also assess its suitability for real estate investment and as a lifestyle purchase. Property description: The listed property has a total area of 80 m² and consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, offering a functional living space for a growing family or a pair of roommates. Additionally, the property benefits from having a private outdoor area with a pool, ensuring a refreshing escape from the hectic city life. The kitchen is well-equipped with modern appliances, and the property includes parking and storage facilities, addressing the daily needs of its inhabitants. Location analysis: Guía de Isora is situated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city of Tenerife, Spain. This location offers a blend of urban conveniences and breathtaking natural beauty, making it an attractive spot for both investors and those seeking a desirable lifestyle. The area is well-served by transportation links, providing easy access to the rest of the island and international destinations. The coastal location also provides a wide array of leisure activities, such as water sports, hiking, and fine dining, catering to the needs of a diverse range of buyers. Real estate investment potential: The property's location in the bustling capital of Tenerife presents a promising real estate investment opportunity. The local economy is based on various sectors, including tourism, manufacturing, and services, creating a stable economic environment for property investment. Tenerife's growing tourism industry, combined with a high demand for short-term rental accommodations, could result in consistent rental income for investors. Additionally, similar properties in the area have experienced an increase in value over the years, making it a potentially lucrative long-term investment. Lifestyle purchase: As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers a breathtaking pool area, a functional indoor space, and proximity to the beach, ensuring an enviable quality of life. The regional climate, warm and sunny year-round, attracts tourists and local residents alike, providing a plethora of outdoor activities and recreational opportunities. The proximity to the city center offers the luxury of urban conveniences while still maintaining a laid-back beach lifestyle. The affordable price of 178,000€ for a 2-bedroom apartment makes it an attractive option for those seeking to live out their dream lifestyle in Tenerife. In summary, the property reference "#ref:CRIJUA00" in Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offers a balance between urban convenience and seaside relaxation. Its functional layout, desirable location, and attractive price make it an appealing investment opportunity and a fantastic option for those looking to create a lifestyle investment.


Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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