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3 bedrooms house in Egues, Navarre, Spain

1 395€

Egüés, Navarre


  • General
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Built: 237 m²

Property description

15315. DISPONIBLE 1 DE ENERO 2021. Visítanos en Todopisos.

Property summary

Thank you for providing the description of the property in Navarre, Spain. Based on the given information, the property is located in Egüés and has a price of 1,395€/month. According to the listing, the property will be available starting January 1, 2021, and you can visit the property on Todopisos. From a buyer's perspective, the property description is quite limited, and I am unable to determine the specific characteristics of the property, such as its size, layout, features, and the condition of the property. As a result, it's difficult to accurately assess the quality of the property and whether it is a good investment or not. However, considering the location in Egüés, Navarre, the property might be in a desirable neighborhood with access to local amenities, schools, and transportation. The price of 1,395€/month seems relatively affordable, but without knowing the size and features of the property, it's hard to determine if it is a good value for the money. In terms of real estate investment, the property's attractiveness depends on various factors including the demographics of the area, local rental market conditions, and future development plans. Since the property is for rent, it is not a traditional investment property. Thus, it's not clear whether the property would offer any potential rental income or capital appreciation. Several other factors should be considered before making an informed investment decision, such as conducting a thorough property inspection, analyzing the local market conditions, and consulting with a financial advisor or real estate professional. In conclusion, it's impossible to give a definitive opinion on the suitability of this property as an investment or as a lifestyle purchase without more information on the specific property details and local market conditions.


Egüés, Navarre

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