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3 bedrooms apartment in Granada, Granada, Spain


Granada, Granada


  • General
  • Lift
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Terraces
  • Areas
  • Built: 75 m²
  • Useful: 70 m²
  • Equipment
  • Furnished
  • Electronic Phone Entry System

Property description

*The property is a fantastic option for students looking for a stylish and spacious living space within the vibrant heart of Granada's city. This top-floor, open-plan apartment boasts stunning views of the lively Plaz de Toros square while being nestled comfortably within a historic building with a rich architectural charm.* **Price:** Upon determining if you accurately: €800 / month **Positivites:** 1. **Unmatched View of the Plaz de Toros square**: The large windows and roof garden offer an irresistible blend of the city's colors, festive atmosphere, and natural lighting. It's perfect for anyone eager to be immersed in this vibrant area's pulse. 2. **Multiple Spacious Rooms**: Three bedrooms, one double and two singles, provide ample space for furniture and personal items. The beds can easily fit comfortable mattresses with room to spare. The living room/dining space comfortably accommodates a sofa, dining table, and many socializing items, creating an ideal zone for interacting and relaxation. 3. **Great Natural Light**: Abundance of sunlight illuminates every corner of the apartment through the large windows and cross-ventilation from the terrrace, making the spaces truly welcoming and creating an impression. 4. **Ideal for Students**: Well-designed layout and optimizes the use of space, particularly creating individual study/work zones in each room, ensuring a peaceful living environment amidst the city life. 5. **Access to Various Amenities**: You're just a short distance from numerous services such as supermarkets, faculties nearby, banks, restaurants, cafes, and plenty of public transportation options including a metro station. An excellent choice for those who desire convenience alongside their academic pursuits. 6. **Clean and Secure Building**: A clean and well-kept building with an interior elevator ensures a hassle-free living experience, while its strategic location allows for easy access to almost everything you might need. 7. **Community Included in Price**: This type of offering generally assures a secure and welcoming living environment, making it easier to feel at home in the city. **Negativities** 1. **Lack of Near Private Outdoor Space**: The open viewing space in the living room does not provide direct private access to greenery, which may be a disadvantage. 2. **Meter-High Ceiling**: While elegant, the very highceiling may be challenging for students who prefer more cozy settings. 3. **Potentially Noisy**: Given the lively location near the Plaz de Toros square, expect higher noise levels coming from the street below, especially during late-night gatherings. Overall, this property excel in maximizing comfort, functionality and convenien within a lively urban setting, making it an excellent option for students seeking a welcoming living space that's close to everything they need. While it carries some negative points due to its location, the benefits of being in the heart of the city, along with its overall condition, price, and community, make it a highly desirable choice This property has a high potential as a lifestyle purchase and a solid real estate investment opportunity in the context of seeking a unique urban experience in Granada. As a lifestyle purchase, it caters perfectly to the needs of students seeking a comfortable and stylish living experience while fully immersed in the city's vibrant pulse. As a real estate investment, its location in a strategic area with a high demand for rental properties, along with its well-maintained condition and the inclusion of amenities like a roof garden, makes it an attractive option to potential renters. The price seen in these terms could generate a sizeable annual yield and grow in value in the long run, especially considering the city's popularity and the increasing desire for urban living. However, it would be important to evaluate the potential long-term stability and growth of the property value in the context of any future changes in the area or the city's overall economy.


Granada, Granada

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