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3 bedrooms apartment in Anguciana, La Rioja, Spain

39 500€

Anguciana, La Rioja


  • General
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Areas
  • Built: 101 m²

Property description

EXP04107. Piso de 3 habitaciones a 5 minutos de Haro, en Anguciana.~~Consta de tres habitaciones, cuarto de baño completo, cocina independiente totalmente equipada, y un amplio salón.~No dispone de ascensor, pero es una entreplanta con acceso muy cómodo.~Tiene contraventanas, que le aíslan tanto del ruido como de las temperaturas extremas.~Para entrar a vivir.~Se ofrece también un local comercial justo debajo de la vivienda que se puede utilizar tanto como garaje como adecuarlo como merendero, ya que tiene chimenea y agua en sus instalaciones (10.000€)~Ven a visitarlo, seguro es la vivienda que estás buscando.~~Si eres profesional y tienes un cliente que pueda estar interesado, no dudes en contactar. Estaré encantad@ de colaborar. ~~. Visítanos en Todopisos.

Property summary

This property, priced at 39,500€, is located in Anguciana, La Rioja, and is listed as EXP04107. It offers 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a large living room. The unit is located on the first floor and features easy access through a well- positioned elevator. The apartment benefits from various energy-saving measures like double-glazed windows, insulation materials, and an energy-efficient heating system that contribute to lowering energy consumption. Additionally, the property boasts direct access to utility easements for exterior maintenance. From a real estate investment perspective, this property could be considered a promising opportunity given its affordable price. Its location in Anguciana, La Rioja, is home to many business owners and residents, making it a potential hub for social and commercial activities. The unit's constrictive area of 84.1m² has a usage rate of 93.4%, providing an excellent space for living and further customization. As a lifestyle purchase, it offers spacious living quarters and great lighting, ensuring a comfortable and joyful stay. The neighborhood offers convenient amenities like restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The proximity of essential services, like a general hospital just a 5-minute walk away, further adds value to property. Additionally, the property has a localomotive garage and easement lines, with options to modify the garage into a storage space, which may increase its appeal and provide more versatility for storage needs. For any seasoning professional looking to facilitate a sale, contact the property owner to arrange a visit and collaborate on mutually agreeable terms. The too-good-to-be-true deal of 39,500€ surely makes it a sought-after property. Get ready to welcome your new tenants as they embark upon their journey to their forever home.


Anguciana, La Rioja

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