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2 bedrooms apartment in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain


Pamplona, Navarre


  • General
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Areas
  • Built: 76 m²

Property description

15484. Frente a la nueva estación de autobuses. Edificio con portería.Vivienda recién pintada .Suelos recién lijados y barnizados. Puertas lacadas en blanco.. Visítanos en Todopisos.

Property summary

Property Description: 1. Location: Pamplona, Navarre 2. Neighborhood: Near the new bus station, which will provide convenient access to transportation and nearby amenities 3. Building: The building has a porter's entrance, adding a touch of security and convenience 4. Property details: Freshly painted walls and newly refinished and sealed floors. White lacquered doors create sense of cleanliness and aesthetics Estimated real estate investment value: 1. The property's monthly rental price of 900€ seems quite affordable for the region of Pamplona, Navarre. This might make it an attractive option for an investment property. 2. With the growth of the region's economy and the increasing demand for housing, the property's value could potentially appreciate over time. This would provide a long-term investment opportunity for those who are considering purchasing it as their rental property. Estimated lifestyle investment value: 1. The location of the property, near the new bus station, would be ideal for those who commute frequently for work or leisure. The nearby transportation options will make daily commutes much more convenient and less stressful. 2. Having a newly painted wall and newly refinished floors indicate well-maintained property, which is appealing and creates an overall pleasant living environment. 3. The white lacquered doors provide a nice finishing touch, making the apartment seem clean and well-cared for. In conclusion, while the exact market value may vary, the investment potential for this property looks promising both as a qualified investment and from a lifestyle perspective. The location, added amenities, and accommodating features should make the property an attractive option for both tenants and buyers.


Pamplona, Navarre

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