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2 bedrooms apartment in Marbella, Malaga, Spain

246 500€

Marbella, Málaga


  • General
  • Lift
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Terraces
  • Own Garage
  • Areas
  • Built: 160 m²
  • Equipment
  • Installation of Air Conditioning
  • Gardens
  • Swimming-pool

Property description

quiet location, prestigious area, popular urbanisation, lounge dining area, kitchen semi-furnished, air conditioning, electricity, water, community garden, terrace, sunny terraces, parking, underground parking, communal pool, lift, fitted wardrobes, unfurnished, telephone possible, internet possible

Property summary

Based on the given description of this property in Marbella, Málaga, I'll provide an analysis from a buyer's perspective, focusing on the potential benefits for a real estate investment and as a lifestyle purchase. Please keep in mind that the analysis is based on the information provided and may not include all necessary due diligence. Pricing: The property is listed at €246,500, which seems to be a reasonable price point for the Marbella area, considering factors such as location, size, and amenities. Despite having a quiet location and being part of a popular urbanization, its price is relatively affordable compared to other properties in the area, making it an attractive option for those looking for a great deal. Quiet Location: The quiet location is a significant plus for those seeking a peaceful environment without sacrificing the convenience of living near urban amenities. This is particularly appealing to retirees or families who want a tranquil lifestyle, as well as to investors interested in a calmer, potentially more profitable future rental market. Prestigious Area: Being located in a prestigious area of Marbella is another attractive factor for potential buyers. The property's proximity to high-end restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues means prospective buyers will have easy access to amenities and a more upscale lifestyle. Additionally, a prestigious location may increase the property's resale value, making it a good investment. Popular Urbanisation: Living in a popular urbanisation can offer numerous advantages, from reduced maintenance costs to increased security. The property's location in a well-established urbanisation is likely to appeal to a wide range of buyers, including both locals and foreigners. This factor can contribute to its desirability and potentially lead to higher rental returns or resale value. Lounge Dining Area, Kitchen Semi-Furnished, Air Conditioning, Electricity, Water, Community Garden, Terrace, Sunny Terraces, Parking, Underground Parking, Communal Pool, Lift, Fitted Wardrobes, Unfurnished: These features contribute to the property's liveability as well as its marketability. A lounge dining area and a semi-furnished kitchen can offer a modern aesthetic and better flow for indoor living. Air conditioning and water features can further enhance comfort and appeal to a broader buyer base, including those who prefer a cooler environment. Parking options, both above and below ground, are a must-have in this region, catering to both residential and rental needs. Summary: In summary, this property at Marbella, Málaga offers several attractive features for both buyers looking to invest in real estate and those seeking a lifestyle upgrade. Its quiet location, prestigious area, and popular urbanisation make it a desirable property. Moreover, the various amenities and features of the property, along with its affordable price, make it an enticing option for both local and international buyers. While it's


Marbella, Málaga

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