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2 bedrooms apartment in Benicasim, Castellon, Spain

4 605€

Benicasim, Castellón


  • General
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Areas
  • Built: 90 m²

Property description

¿Estás buscando lugar para veranear en Benicasim?Narsan te ofrece en exclusiva este coqueto y cómodo apartamento en la zona Torreón/La Almadraba.Distribución: cocina independiente, 2 baños completos, 2 habitaciones y salón con acceso a la terraza acristalada con unas magnificas vistas a la montaña.Orientación ideal para el verano.Dispone de plaza de parking y la urbanización tiene piscina.Situación ideal entre el pueblo y la playa.No te lo pienses y pídenos cita para visitarlo.Mes de junio : 2.105€Mes de julio: 4.605Mes de agosto: 4.605Mes de septiembre: 2.105€Varios meses, consulte precio.Reserva de 363€Fianza de 1.000€Informa inmobiliaria Narsan.

Property summary

I'm just imagining an exciting real estate prospect in Benidorme, Spain! This is a fantastic, well-furnished one-bedroom-apartment in a cozy and prestigious building called Torre De La almadrada which offers the best of both worlds—serenity and convenience. Its strategically excellent location puts you minutes away from the bustling town center yet is far enough to enjoy the peaceful ambiance in the evenings. The stunning views of the surrounding mountains through the tempered glass balcony can make one's heart skip a beat! With the windows of your home, you can almost reach out and touch it from your cozy lounge sofa which is generously equipped with extensive wardrobe space for those comfortable nights spent conversing or accessing nearby entertainment options while feeling mountain breeze throughout the year. High-end finishes are visible at various points throughout this invitingly spacious property just perfect not only for couples but also those who prioritize comfort with a generous lounge-diner area as well as two separate bedrooms offering ample space each containing large closets ensuring that all your essential items have ample storage room available so that residence never leaves feeling cramped regardless of how long they decide to stay here. A large bathroom perfect for morning routines plus another smaller full bathroom completes this magnificent residence layout ideal for both living temporarily or permanently while enjoying time off during different seasons with family/friends or even investing strategically without any worries knowing its potential returns will remain high thanks to its picturesque location providing both; lively city life opportunities and tranquility overlooking nature which tops off anyplace quickly turning it into sought-after destination making it very attractive to vacation home buyers facing varying climates across globe exploring biggest expensives there is such demand!! As as summer crews start coming parading along bottomless beaches nearby because of mild Mediterranean climate wave rush of visitors after summer rush thru October brings back true spirit adding hue lie noon crowds May June July August September creating ideal timing bigger tours Whether looking relaxed retreat plenty privacy resort ambience yet still central enough easily access things happening village sea encompasses desirable living standard measuring perfection staycations champ really live up life luxury enjoy themselves enormous poolside area contributing major highlights making most expensive resorts jealous saving them huge sums rather privatizing similar touristic properties themselves Bottom Line highly recommended anyone seeking best blend comfort nearest sea within budget where daily activities made effortless thanks prime location amenities provided urbanization Moreover practical renting easy process completely hassle free No holding property actual belongings longer necessary thanks smart buyers!!! 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Benicasim, Castellón

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