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14 bedrooms house in Hermandad de Campoo de Suso, Cantabria, Spain

950 000€

Hermandad de Campoo de Suso, Cantabria


  • General
  • 14 bedrooms
  • Areas
  • Plot: 1,141 m²
  • Built: 858 m²

Property description

From a buyer's perspective, this property, located at Hermandad de Campoo de Suso, Cantabria, offers a unique opportunity for both real estate investment and a lifestyle upgrade. As an investment, consider the potential revenue streams from renting out the 12 bedrooms, which could be highly lucrative, especially if you plan to cater to the growing tourism industry in Southern Cantabria. The price of 950,000€ seems attractive for a property that offers 12 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a bar and restaurant, and ample space for common areas. Additionally, the fact that the property is energy-independent due to the solar panels installed on-site reduces running costs and adds a desirable eco-friendly feature. From a lifestyle aspect, owning this Rural Accommodation in Ormas would provide you with scenic surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Campurrian architecture, its culture, and the tranquility of the countryside while still having the convenience of amenities like the bar and restaurant on-site. The property's location in the heart of Southern Cantabria also means easy access to nearby attractions, such as the picturesque towns of Castillo de la Mota, and the beautiful natural landscapes of the region. Overall, this property presents a compelling combination of Both as a smart real estate investment and a dreamy lifestyle purchase, with the added benefit of preserving the heritage of traditional Campurrian architecture.


Hermandad de Campoo de Suso, Cantabria

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