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1 bedroom other in Calaceite, Teruel, Spain

25 000€

Calaceite, Teruel


  • General
  • 1 bedroom
  • Areas
  • Plot: 2,000 m²
  • Built: 18 m²

Property description

Finca in Calaceite with a total area of 2.000 m2 (0.20 hectares) and a mas of 18 m2. The original mas was built about 250 years ago and renovated 10 years ago. The land is located next to the Algars River, a river with beautiful places for bathing and walking. Grass grows on the land and there are about 12 olive trees. It is an extensive piece of land of about 150 meters long and 13 meters wide. The finca is located about 3 kilometers from the village of Caseres and 6 kilometers from the village of Calaceite. Both villages have all amenities. The finca is easily accessible via wide sand and gravel tracks and the asphalted road is two kilometers further. The finca is surrounded by nature, which ensures a quiet location with lots of privacy.

Property summary

The property description paints an idyllic picture of a 2.000 m2 land with a small mas in Calaceite, Spain. For a real estate investment, this property has several appealing aspects, such as its proximity to amenities, easy accessibility, and the potential for development or renovation of the existing mas. The fact that the land is adjacent to the Algars River offers the opportunity for recreational activities and may increase its appeal to potential buyers. As a lifestyle purchase, this property is ideal for individuals or families seeking a tranquil getaway with nature, privacy, and proximity to the outdoors activities. The land's existing olive trees and the beautiful surroundings create a charm that highlights its suitability for both hobbies and relaxation. While the property's current state may require investment for renovation, the 25,000€ price tag is a competitive option for those considering rural property ownership in Spain.


Calaceite, Teruel

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