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other for sale in Rinteln, Germany

330 000€

31737 Rinteln


  • Inserat befindet sich im Stockwerk 1
  • Küche Einbauküche
  • Balkone 1
  • Garten
  • Terrassen 1
  • Keller

Property description

As a potential buyer, this property description paints a picture of a spacious, well-maintained, and comfortable home in the idyllic town of Rinteln. The property, boasting a generous 175 m² of living space on a 580 m² lot, is sure to offer ample spaces for relaxation and entertainment. With a terrace and balcony, you can enjoy outdoor living and take in the picturesque surroundings. The property is also equipped with a fully-finished basement, providing additional storage and space for hobbies. For real estate investment purposes, this property offers several attractive features. The 330,000€ price tag seems reasonable for the area, and with its size and location, it could potentially offer a good return on investment. The property's idyllic setting and proximity to amenities make it appealing to commuters and families alike, which could translate into a steady rental income stream. Plus, the property's condition and potential for further improvements may attract buyers who are looking to personalize and update the space. As a lifestyle purchase, this property offers a great opportunity to enjoy the charm of small-town living while still having access to modern amenities. The spacious and well-designed interior provides a comfortable and inviting space for family and friends, while the outdoor living areas and pleasant surroundings invite relaxation and recreation. The nearby attractions and activities, including parks, shops, and recreational facilities, make this property an excellent choice for those who value balance between serenity and convenience. In conclusion, this property has the potential to be an excellent real estate investment and an outstanding lifestyle purchase. It offers ample space, attractive design elements, and a prime location, all of which combine to create a truly appealing home.


31737 Rinteln

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