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other for sale in Dohna - Sachsen, Germany

610 000€

01809 Dohna - Sachsen


    Property description

    As a buyer, this property presents an excellent opportunity for both a lucrative real estate investment and an outstanding lifestyle purchase. Situated in the charming town of Dohna, this historic, 110 m² plot features a perfectly renovated 308 m² (759.2 m² GSF) property that holds a lot of appeal. It consists of a six-unit apartment complex, which has been completely renovated with the utmost respect for its heritage. In addition to the historical preservation, modernizing touches have been incorporated, such as high-end kitchens and the installation of elegant wooden windows. From an investment point of view, thefact that the property is completely rented makes it highly attractive. This lucrative rental income has the potential to provide you with a steady flow of income, reduces the financial burden of owning the property, and can contribute towards paying off the 610,000€ (€826,596) purchase price.This is further bolstered by the property's location in Dohna, a town offering picturesque landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant community. As for a lifestyle purchase, you'll find that this property combines the comfort and convenience of modern living, with the charm and allure of established historical architecture. The impressive, nearby hiking and cycling paths, and the town's relaxed atmosphere would provide the perfect dove-tailing to the functional benefits of the property. This can offer you an excellent quality of life while creating an excellent long-term investment. With features such as the original sandstone elements, the beautifully restored wooden windows, the exhibition of historical charm, and the incorporation of modern facilities, this property delivers the best of both worlds. An added plus is the provision of a cozy, heated cellar that can be used for various purposes. With all these positives, it will undoubtedly be an ambitious investment decision that has the potential to be both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.


    01809 Dohna - Sachsen

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