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other for sale in Bautzen - Sachsen, Germany

76 500€

02625 Bautzen - Sachsen


  • Bad 1
  • Balkone 1
  • Terrassen 1

Property description

Based on the given description, this property is a solid single-family home built in 1848 and located in Bautzen, Sachsen. The property requires renovation and modernization, which could be an opportunity for potential buyers interested in updating the property to their own taste and maximizing its value. The roof was replaced in 2001, which may indicate that the overall structural integrity is still sound. As an investment, this property might not offer the highest returns due to its need for extensive renovations, but it could present a unique opportunity for those looking to acquire land at a lower price and customize it to their preferences after completing the renovations. From a lifestyle perspective, owning a property in this location could provide a peaceful and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, there may be limited amenities in the immediate vicinity, and the property's condition will require ongoing maintenance and repairs.


02625 Bautzen - Sachsen

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