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other for sale in Auetal Rolfshagen, Germany

239 000€

31749 Auetal Rolfshagen


  • Inserat befindet sich im Stockwerk 2
  • Garten
  • Terrassen 1
  • Keller

Property description

Description: This is a two-family house with a large backyard and double garage located in Auetal Rolfshagen, Germany. The house offers three rooms with a kitchen and bathroom in each unit. It is fully underground, offering plenty of storage space. The garden provides high recreational value for the family, making it suitable for both a lifestyle purchase and a real estate investment. Its prime location and excellent conditions make it perfect for families, independent professionals who need extra space, and handymen. From a buyer's perspective, the property has several advantages: * Large garden and yard * Underground storage * Two separate living units * Spacious home with ample space for each family member * Double garage providing abundant parking or storage * Sunny terrace Investment potential: As a real estate investment, the property presents excellent opportunities. Both families can contribute equally to the mortgage or rent, which reduces financial stress and allows for a faster return on investment. The property is an attractive and practical option for families, independent professionals, and handymen, ensuring you can find consistent interest and comfortable rents. Additionally, can utilize the garden or workshop space for additional income through agriculture, a small business, or services like workshops/classes for the community. All these factors contribute to a sound and profitable investment. Lifestyle factors: The property provides a perfect balance between urban conveniences and rural tranquility. The large garden offers space for outdoor activities, family traditions, and entertaining. Its proximity to other amenities ensures ease of access for daily needs. The design of the house, with its open floorplan and numerous natural light sources, makes it ideal for family living. The efficient interiors and eco-friendly systems, such as a green garden and the house's underground construction, contribute to its appeal as a sustainable living environment. This attractive property is likely to remain an in-demand asset in the future, increasing the long-term investment value.


31749 Auetal Rolfshagen

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