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other for rent in Wiesloch, Germany

1 990€

69168 Wiesloch


  • Anzahl der Etagen im Haus 3
  • Küche Einbauküche
  • Bad 2
  • Boden Fliesen
  • Garten
  • Haustiere

Property description

Objektbeschreibung Video link https://youtu.be/QcdbrNuAWy4 Wohnzimmer: 30 m², KaminWintergarten6 Schlafzimmer: Küche: mit Einbauküche und Essplatz, großer EsstischBad 1 EG: 15m², Wanne, WC, Waschbecken, FensterBad 2 OG: 12m² Dusche, Wanne, WC, Waschbecken, FensterKeller: 40m², mit Sauna, DuscheGarage, Carport, StellplatzEnergiebedarf (durchschnittlich): 180kWh/ (m²xa), F, entspricht ca. 18 Liter Öl/m² im Jahr (Energie für Warmwasser enthalten)Öl-Zentralheizung, Kabel, Satellit, DSL-Gebiet, Waschküche, In den Nebenkosten enthalten: Grundsteuer, Versicherung, Verbrauchskosten (Heizung, Wasser, Müll,Strom etc.) rechnet der Mieter selber mit den Anbietern ab) Geodaten und Sonnenstand zu jeder Zeit:http://www.sonnenverlauf.de

Property summary

As a potential buyer, the property description highlights the following key features: 1. Impressive living area: a total of 30 m² of living space in the living room, 6 spacious bedrooms, and an open-plan kitchen. 2. Garden and amenities: the property features a well-maintained garden, an attached basement with a sauna, and garage facilities. 3. Energy-efficient features: the property benefits from an oil-fired central heating system and is located in an area with adequate energy supply. For a real estate investment, the property could represent a good opportunity due to its spacious layout and range of amenities that appeal to a diverse set of potential tenants. However, this may depend on the rental market in Wiesloch and the surrounding area. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers plenty of space and privacy, with the added convenience of a Garden. The sauna in the basement and the shared garden could be perfect for those who value relaxation and recreation at home. Additionally, the heating and energy installations contribute to an efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle. Estimated property value based on the brief description and available information: 1.990€/Kaltmiete The property's value is estimated at 1.990 €/Kaltmiete, which might be considered North-Rhine Westphalian-style rent (Venice rent) or the result of referencing market rents, depending on the region. This estimate does not include additional fees or costs like water, electricity, or heating. While fiber optics are mentioned in the description, it's essential to verify internet availability, North-Rhine Westphalian-style rent, and the actual energy expenditure. I don't have a reply to that in the provided info.


69168 Wiesloch

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