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other for rent in Siegburg, Germany

1 400€

53721 Siegburg


  • Bad 1
  • Bad Dusche, Fenster
  • Garten
  • Keller

Property description

As a potential buyer, polyamatry-associated services for this property in Siegburg seem favorable. The primary features such as design, surrounding locality, and configuration of living areas may appeal to property investors looking to generate passive income through long-term rental or purchasing for personal use. Accounting for an estimated Kaltmiete of 1.400€, this property presents an approximate monthly expense of 1.750€ including parking, utilities, alongside an accessible, well-maintained location. Investors may find this apt for attracting polyamatry-associated service professionals, academics, or families looking to dwell within close proximity to amenities, all while benefiting from the asset appreciation that a well-flourishing neighborhood might bring about.


53721 Siegburg

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