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other for rent in Niederneuching, Germany

23 102 430€

85467 Niederneuching


  • Garage/Stellplätze 1
  • Keller

Property description

As a potential buyer, this property located at 85467 Niederneuching offers several attractive features for both real estate investment and lifestyle purposes. The property is a modern double-family home with a generous garden, offering ample space for a growing family or those seeking additional living quarters. The estimated rent of 2.310€ Kaltmiete and 2.430€ Warmmiete per month provides a decent return on investment, especially considering the area's attractivity and proximity to Erding. For a more detailed analysis, the property boasts 6 rooms with top-quality furnishings, an extra studio with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a well-organized floorplan, a wood-burning oven in the living area, and 2 parking spaces with a garage. Furthermore, the property offers underfloor heating, making it an energy-efficient choice for year-round comfort. In terms of investment potential, the property's location in Niederneuching, just 4 km from Erding, provides easy access to local amenities, schools, and recreational opportunities. The well-maintained garden is an added plus for those seeking a quiet and spacious outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers a luxurious living environment with modern amenities, a cozy garden, and ample space for family and guests. The well-thought-out layout and spacious rooms create a sense of harmony and comfort, making it an ideal choice for modern living. Given the property's features, prime location, and competitive rent, it is an attractive option for both real estate investors and those seeking a comfortable and stylish lifestyle property.


85467 Niederneuching

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