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house for sale in Nossen, Germany

122 000€

01683 Nossen


  • Keller

Property description

Based on the given description, the property is a 1-floor, 1850-built house with a modernized one-story expansion and a total living area of 108m². This house is situated on a plot of land that's part of a land consolidation process in the town of Nossen. With a carport available on-site, this property offers a convenient and safe space for parking vehicles. For a real estate investment perspective, this property seems like a decent opportunity, considering the historic charm and the modern upgrades. The location in Nossen, which is in the heart of the German state of Saxony, offers a rural lifestyle while still being close to urban amenities. The total property value of 122,000€ appears to be a reasonable price point for the area, considering factors such as the property size, location, and parking options. As a lifestyle purchase, the property would cater well to those who value the charm and history of older homes, as well as the convenience of modern amenities. The small-town setting would be perfect for those seeking a quiet, tranquil environment with easy access to nature, while still having the benefits of local shops and services in Nossen. Overall, this property could provide a unique blend of charm, history, and convenience for both investment and personal enjoyment.


01683 Nossen

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